A Jetsetter's Guide to Suitcase Packing

You've finally picked your perfect destination (sunny beaches, snowy mountains, lakeside resort, etc.) and have your tickets ready to go. But you just need to do one important thing – pack! How will you fit all of your clothes, shoes, and toiletries without being forced to pay excess baggage fees? We've got tips and techniques to help you most efficiently pack a standard size suitcase and maximize room.

Packing Tips

  • Make a list and check it twice for all the items that you will need on your trip. Cross out any items that are non-essential or items such as irons and blow dryers that will be available at your destination.


  • Pack according to the weather at your destination. Doing so can help you eliminate packing items such as your bulky sweater when heading to a beach on your winter vacation.



  • Plan your clothing in advance. This will help you decide how many pieces of clothing to take, which items you can mix and match, and ensures that you have all the garments that you'll need for your trip.



  • Store your socks, belts, and other small accessories inside your shoes to maximize your luggage storage space.



Bundle Wrapping
If you are going on an extended trip with a lot of wrinkle-prone clothing, try the bundle wrapping method to help prevent your clothing from getting wrinkled while traveling. To start, lay your larger, more tailored, and wrinkle-prone garments such as dress pants, skirts, and dresses in your suitcase, and place shirts and tops in alternating layers on top. A good example of this packing method can be seen in the video below from Packing Light.

The Great Roll Technique
Another great way to fit your clothes into a 22-inch carry-on suitcase is by tightly rolling your garments before packing them away. Not only will it help you make space for all your necessities, but is also a fun and easy way to pack. To see the packing method in action, check out the handy infographic via visual.ly below:

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