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Big Tips for Small Space Living

Is your home short on square footage? The bigger the city, the smaller the square footage seems to be. This can be challenging and downright claustrophobic at times. It doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed in a cramped space because no matter how big or small, you fill the space you live in. On the other hand, there is something to be said about having a cozy space, not to mention fewer chores to be done as well as reduced costs associated with shrinking square footage. But, it's time to get creative with small space living. Every inch is an opportunity.

Obstacles to small space living can be overcome by incorporating some of the following tips and tricks:

  • There is no doubt about it. Clutter cannot exist in a small space. Keeping your living space organized is essential to successful small apartment living. It doesn't have to take long. All you need is ten minutes every so often to get organized.
  • Double duty furniture is a must. Scale your furniture and really scrutinize whether you absolutely need a piece. Since space is at a minimum, furniture that performs multiple functions is worth the investment. An ottoman that offers storage space, extra seating, and serves as a coffee table is an example of such a piece of furniture.
  • In contrast, if your furniture does not provide storage space, visually light and airy furniture can help a room to appear more spacious. Try replacing a table's bulky wooden legs with spindly wire legs and you will see the room open up.
    airy furniture_small space living
  • Use wall space intelligently. Keeping items off the floor will open up the limited space you have. Installing hooks and shelving will provide more options for storing items when not in use while keeping floor space open. Vertical space is your friend in small living spaces.
    Shelves_vertical storage_Small space living
    Image via DIY Network
  • Furnishings that can be collapsed or tucked away provide the flexibility needed in small spaces. Think about pieces that can also function as art on your walls such as this small table that hangs on the wall when not in use.
    Functional art_Small space living
    Image via The Grommet
  • Furniture pieces that can be folded up and tucked away or that are on wheels so they can be easily moved from one room to the other provide flexibility of space that is really needed in a small apartment or condo.
    collapsible funiture_small space living
    Collapsible Dining Table and Chairs
  • Free up storage space by putting your seasonal items in a storage unit. If you live in a seasonal climate, your wardrobe has two seasons. Store your bulky winter clothing during spring and summer and vice versa. Bicycle storage could be helpful in the winter months when you are less likely to use it on a frequent basis. Holiday storage for decorations could be a space saver if you celebrate by decorating our space.
  • Use space under furniture for storage. Tuck decorative baskets in the empty space under a buffet or bench.
    storage baskets under bench_small space living
    Image via Pottery Barn

There are some additional tips provided in our previous post about how to make small spaces seem bigger that offer design, color choice, and light use tricks. What are some of your small space living tricks that help you in your small home?

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