Desk Organization Ideas for the New Year

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A new year calls for a fresh way to approach work, and few things help enhance productivity as much as organizing your desk. Efficient storage is a key component of a properly organized desk. Getting non-essentials and older materials that can be archived off of your desk and into storage goes a long way to tidying up your workspace. Then, with your work essentials all neatly organized, you will be free from clutter as well as the distraction it causes. You will save time, too, because you won’t be endlessly searching for what you need. If you are wondering how to organize your desk and where to start, office organizers are essential tools that get things up and off of your desk to create usable workspace and promote productivity.

Repurpose with Purpose
When it comes to desk organization, it is easy to repurpose items that were originally meant for service outside of the office. For example, window shutters can be repurposed as an in- and outbox for mail. Just paint an old shutter in a bright color and hang it on the wall. Incoming post can be slid into the slats at the bottom of the shutter, and outgoing mail can be inserted in the top slats. Wall brackets can be attached to a wooden base to create a file caddy for your desk. Even a muffin tin can be useful in an office. Simply place it in your top drawer and use the individual cups to hold paper clips, rubber bands, tacks, keys, or any of the hundreds of small essentials that clutter up your desk.

All-Purpose Bulletin Board
If you find yourself continually sifting through loose paper on your desktop, a bulletin board will come in handy. Hang it somewhere close, so you can tack up important notices as they come in, instead of setting them aside on your desk. Get the largest bulletin board you can find so that you can use sections of it in specific ways. For example, pin envelopes to a section of your bulletin board to create pockets that can be used to hold invitations, tickets, or any small item you don’t want to lose track of but don’t have a special place for. Also, attach a piece of peg board to part of your bulletin board and hang office essentials from it such as scissors, tape, rubber stamps, and even markers, pens, or pencils. If it is big enough, you could even attach a square of chalkboard to use as an erasable message board.

Desks Do Double-Duty
The biggest problem with small offices is that there is not a lot of space for traditional storage options such as bookcases and file cabinets. Martha Stewart’s solution is to combine your desk with those important storage elements. Whether you build it yourself or order it from an office supply store, opt for a desk that has a built-in bookcase, file cabinet, or both. Having that kind of storage space right at your desk keeps indispensable documents and books within reach, but gives you a place to put them when you are not using them.
Keep Storage Bins Handy
Start keeping at least one storage bin or banker’s box near your desk and you won’t know how you got along without it. Having a bin or box nearby is one of the best desk organization tips you’ll come across. It provides a ready place for you to deposit files or papers that need to be archived, instead of stacking them on your desk. Once a bin is full, label it, remove it to a storage area such as a self-storage unit, and replace it with a new, empty bin. You will love having an immediate place to put inactive items just as much as you will love the extra desk space.

Shelves and Organizing Cubbies
If there is not a lot of space on your desktop for file organizers or in and out baskets, simple shelves and a set of plastic or wooden cubbyholes can be the answer to the small desk organization dilemma. You will not need an entire shelf unit. Just one or two shelves that can be easily hung on brackets are all that is necessary. Hang them on the wall to the side of your desk or directly in front of it, making sure they are at a height that will put the cubbies at eye level or only slightly higher. That will allow you to see at a glance what is in each cubbyhole so you can quickly find what you need.

Rolling Storage Unit
Keeping stocked in office supplies is a hassle in a small office, and many times it becomes an issue in desk organization. You don’t have room for a supply cabinet, but it takes up too much space to stack reams of paper on your desk or cram boxes of pens and markers into your top drawer, not to mention the question of where to keep extra binders or empty file folders. Rolling storage units offer the ideal solution. They are compact and can usually slide under a desk or table. They typically have at least two or three shelves of different depths to offer ample space to store the extras you need to have close-by.

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