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Hidden Home Storage Solutions

Maybe you're a minimalist or maybe you just need additional options for storage. Either way, here is a compilation of a few interesting, hidden ways to organize your home and keep it looking clean while storing the everyday items you use and keeping them accessible.

      Store throw blankets and pillows in this hidden area that is built into the basement stairs. If your stairs are straight down and there is ample room to create a landing like the one in this photo, then go for it. You might just want to put a lock on it or it could become a favorite hide-and-seek spot.

Hidden Stair Storage
Image via Babble

Multi-use book shelf, decoration storage, and possibly "secret spy headquarters". This adds a useful design feature as well as additional storage space.
Bookcase Door Storage

No more tripping over food bowls or spilling water all over the mud room floor with these stylish drawers that hold and store your dog's food bowls.
dog food bowl storage oragnization

There is nothing like relaxing in a tub to clear your head after a long, hectic day. Soaps and scrubs don't need to line the bathtub all day, every day. This hidden bathtub storage shows how panels built around the tub store your cleaning supplies and bath products. Remember the candles and matches! This discreet idea could be valuable for smaller bathrooms with little space for traditional drawers or cabinets.

Hide your toiletries in your countertop. This idea maximizing space in small bathrooms by providing a space to put shaving tools, hair products, and blow dryers while keeping them off the bathroom counter.
hidden countertop storage organization

As one of the busiest areas of the house, the kitchen is often the first place we unload what we are carrying when we walk in the door – no matter what it may be. Items from all over the house seem to migrate here causing kitchen counter space availability to become less and less. To counter act this, use this often wasted space to hide a few of the everyday items you use like sponges, sink drain stoppers, towels, or any small item in this DIY kitchen sink drawer.
organize sink with hidden storage
Image via Simplifying Remodeling


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  • Storage space is always welcomed in my household regardless of how plenty I might already have currently. I think the amount of items in the house seems endless especially if there are more than just a couple of family members living under one roof. Therefore, we need to always explore new areas to fully maximize space and utilize all living spaces available. If these areas can be concealed, that is even better such as these great ideas here.

  • I love these ideas for under the stairs storage! The normal options for cupboards under the stairs are so over used and really not very aesthetic at all whatsoever! It’s good to see some interior designers coming up with something that looks different these days and giving new homeowners some hope of a unique way of using staircases for storage!