Innovative Storage Ideas for 2018

Getting organized is at the top of many New Year's resolution lists … but if you just haven't gotten around to it yet, don't worry. It's never too late to get your stuff in order. Whether you aspire to control all of the chaos, or just want to be able to find your favorite shoes, a little organization is sure to have a positive impact on your life. Here are a few innovative storage ideas to get you thinking.

Get a Bed with Built-In Storage

Need some ideas to utilize space in a small bedroom? Start with the bed! You probably use shallow, wide bins or baskets to store stuff under the bed, but pulling a bin or basket from under the bed isn't super convenient. Instead, opt for a platform bed frame with storage drawers built in beneath it; many even come with headboards featuring cubbies and bookshelves. Just want more space under there? Put your bed on risers, dorm-room style. Stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Wayfair sell grown-up versions that are perfectly polished. If you've got a really tiny apartment, check out our other furniture hacks for small spaces.

Display Your Shoes

If you can hardly see your bedroom floor, never fear. We've got tons of ideas to organize your bedroom—starting with that shoe collection that's getting a little out of control. Install small shelves on an unused wall to hold your most fashionable shoes and voila! You've got an interesting display and more room in your closet. Got an addiction to heels? Put up strips of crown molding instead of shelves, and hang your heels for a stylish—and easy to grab—arrangement.

Make DIY Accessory Organizers

Keeping jewelry — or belts and ties — untangled and within reach can be a challenge. Luckily, when it comes to room organization, DIY accessory holders are an easy storage solution. You can hang necklaces and bracelets on a key holder and make a DIY earring holder in no time flat. Just buy a picture frame of any size, remove the glass, and replace it with pegboard cut to size. Even easier: Use a bit of screen. Sharing your closet? We've got tips for that too.

Create Recessed Wall Storage

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Here's a fun storage idea that works in any room: unused stretches of empty wall present opportunities for recessed wall storage. They're fully customizable, so think about any specific storage solutions you'll need. Do you want simple shelves, shallow drawers, or doors that open? This is your opportunity to make storage that fits some of your most difficult household spaces and items. Keep in mind that to install wall storage, you must be handy enough to cut a hole in your drywall. Or, hire a carpenter or a contractor—the job is simple and quick.

Hang Hooks in the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the rooms that's most in need of some innovative storage ideas. Hooks are the perfect kitchen storage idea for small kitchens—you've probably been using hooks for pots and pans for years. Here's a new way to use them: On the inside of your cabinet doors, install a row of small hooks. You've just created a space to hang measuring spoons and cups! If you've got a label maker, label each hook so you know exactly what goes there. When you're cooking, you'll be able to grab the perfect size every time without rummaging through a cluttered drawer.

Use Magnet Strips in the Bathroom

Tweezers, bobby pins, safety pins, and other tiny metal objects always seem to get lost in the bathroom. Get a few magnetic strips and put them in a spot that's easy for you to reach (the wall or the inside of your medicine cabinet will work). Then you can stick all those small metal items to the magnets and never lose track of them again! It's an easy DIY bathroom storage idea—magnetic strips are typically adhesive, so all you have to do is peel off the backing and stick.

Store Items Under the Sink

Seems obvious, right? But you don't have to spend tons of cash to organize your under-the-sink clutter. Use file folders to store appliances like electric razors and hair dryers; for curling irons, attach some PVC pipe to the inside of the cabinet door—they're the perfect size. If you've got a pedestal sink, you can still use that area for storage. Many stores sell under-pedestal-sink storage cabinets, from simple wire wrap-around shelves to fancier versions.

Declutter Your Garage

Garage storage ideas might be the last thing on your mind, but next time you need your old rake, you'll be glad you can find it easily. There are a couple of ways you can make a garden tool storage organizer. You can cut indentations in a shelf and hang it at your desired height to hang rakes, shovels, and so on. Or, simply use a pallet fastened to the wall to hold these items. For other items, don't forget about your walls and ceilings. Install shelves and load them up with bins; on the ceiling, you can install racks made of PVC pipes to horizontally hang things like fishing poles, canoe paddles, and skis.

Getting organized doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive—with these innovative storage ideas, it can even be fun! Spend some time thinking about what your home truly needs in the storage department. You may even realize you'd benefit from a storage unit near your home. Once you make the change to better storage, your home will feel less cluttered, and you'll be able to find that other shoe or that navy blue tie that you just know is around here somewhere.

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