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More than likely you are not being courted by the producers of Hoarders to be their next featured story, but most people could use a bit more organization in their lives. January is Get Organized month and the New Year is the perfect time to stop procrastinating and start organizing your home. With a place for everything and everything in its place, less time is spent looking for things, more gets done at work, and it is more relaxing to be in a clean, organized environment. The best way to accomplish what may be a daunting task for some is to start with small resolutions, aka baby steps.

One Room at a Time
Solving problem areas separately is much more doable mentally and physically that trying to take it all on at once. Focusing on one room, or area, at a time breaks organizing your household into much more manageable chunks of tasks. Pick a room a day or a room a week to focus on. Those small accomplishments will do a lot to keep motivating you for the next room.

Remove the Clutter

Feed the urge to purge! This is a great opportunity to really go through items that have accumulated over the years and decide their importance and usefulness. The three bin method can help to sort through these items – one bin for trash, one bin for donating, and one bin for items to keep. If you are comfortable with selling items in a yard sale or online, you may want to consider a fourth bin for items of value to sell. Once items have been sorted, you can place your "keep" items in their place whether on display or organized neatly in a closet or drawer.

Adding Storage
Having the space to keep items is important to staying organized. Add storage space by installing shelves, filing cabinets, bins, and baskets. The extra space will allow you to not only store items, but also display and enjoy decorative pieces such as artwork, vases and photographs. Keep those shelves, drawers, bins and baskets organized with these tips.

If you just don't have enough space, you can always call CubeSmart. A CubeSmart storage unit is an extension of your home and can be used as a place to store seldom used items such as seasonal items like decorations or sports equipment, store files or inventory to de-clutter your office, and free up garage space so you can actually park your car in it again. We provide a list of things to know about renting a storage unit if you have never done it before.

Professional Organizers to the Rescue
If you just don't even know where to start but know something has to be done, consider hiring a professional. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) can help you overcome a variety of organization challenges. They provide services ranging from organization and time management strategies to blending households and estate sales. Hire the right professional organizer for your needs and be well on your way to an organized 2015.

Happy 2015 and happy organizing!

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  • What my family needs is more shelving, just like this article suggests. We just need to install more shelving all over our house, and all of our storage problems will be solved. My grandparents could also use more shelving in their house. They have a storage shed in the backyard as well as a self-storage unit.