What Should You Store: College Edition

Moving back home for the summer can be a stressful process. You have to coordinate with family and friends on when to transport your things back home and pack and organize everything, on top of studying for your final exams. Then when classes resume in the fall, you'll have to do the same process all over again. Ugh! Save yourself the time and stress by renting a CubeSmart cube for the summer break. Here's a list of eight items you're better off storing in a cube than bringing home.

    1. Your mini fridge
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      Although this smart appliance has made your life easier past two semesters, toting it back home won't be as simple. Save yourself some heavy-lifting and store it for the summer.


    1. Your microwave
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      Two heads are better than one, but two microwaves may be overkill if your parents have one at home. Don't let yours take up any precious counter space.


    1. Your TV
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      Let's be honest, as a millennial, you probably stream most of your stuff online. So why lug your TV back and forth this summer? Store it and enjoy watching your favorite shows on your tablet, laptop, or phone.


    1. Winter clothing
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      Chances are you won't need your down jacket or snow boots this summer. Keep your winter items close to campus and save yourself the hassle of bringing ‘em back to your dorm later this year.


    1. Dorm room décor
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      When you left your parent's home last summer, your old room reflected yourself as a recent high school graduate. Now that you're in college, you may feel like you need to update your room to reflect your new tastes and interests using your favorite items from your dorm. Rather than redecorate your room with all dorm room décor, use this opportunity to organize and pack away all of your high school memories to make your old room feel new. When classes resume back in the fall, you won't have to worry about transporting all your dorm room essentials back to campus because they'll be safely stored in your cube.


    1. Textbooks
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      By the time this semester ends, the last thing you'll want to do it carry your textbooks around. So why don't you store them in a storage unit until next semester. Then you could even more money when you try reselling them when the textbooks are in higher demand.


    1. Excess toiletries
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      Stock up on toilet paper, shampoo, and conditioner this semester? If so, you should store those items near campus instead of transporting them back home. Not only will in save space in your newly re-decorated room at home, but you won't have to worry about leakage from the shampoo and conditioner getting on your summer wardrobe.


  1. Linens and Laundry supplies
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    Instead of hauling all your towels, sheets, and detergent back home, why not store them for the summer? Your parent's house should have all the linens you'll need for the summer. Plus, your parent's will certainly appreciate your help with the laundry!

So make a smart choice by storing your stuff this summer. If you reserve a CubeSmart unit today and you can save up to 15%. Visit Cubesmart.com/college for details.

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  • I like how it emphasizes what things are just better staying in storage instead of hauling back home for two months. There are just some things that you can leave behind. Thanks for the list. It’s very helpful.