Reviews of This Facility

Amazing Experience!

Star rating 5 out of 5

December 11, 2018

I just wanted to say, this has been the smoothest transaction. A guy named Levy/Levi helped me out. There were no hidden fees or anything that prevented everything from being a success! The storage space and facility is very clean. Overall, I would definitely return for future business. I've already told all of my friends about you guys! Cheers, Don

Locked bathrooms, no light and cockroaches

Star rating 4 out of 5

November 9, 2018

I have used storage space at several Cube Smarts. I have had nothing but good things to say about every other space. This is the only one that I have to list issues with. 1] My storage space had no light in it. This is the only time, other than when I had an outdoor space, where this was the case. 2] The bathroom door was locked, inside of the key code access hall most of the times when I was at the storage unit. Public bathrooms and water fountains should both be accessible at all hours to your paying customers when the storage space is accessible. 3] While cleaning out my storage space, I saw cockroaches crawl in and out of cracks in the wood of the wooden storage carts. 4] The entrance to the building has both a broken security door that is often stuck open, and a drain grate directly in front of the entrance which is sloped enough to make anything on wheels wobble around heavily. The loading doors had to be used because of this more often than should be necessary, which I'm sure does a number of the heating bill in the winter. 5] On numerous occasions there were no carts available, which forced me to buy my own.

Awesome staff, awesome business

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 30, 2018

The staff here is amazing. Calling from another state, they took time to explain everything to me. No surprises, just as they said. This is a great place for your storage needs !!

Like This Facility Very Much

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 24, 2018

Every manager and employee here I have ever dealt has been kind, professional, courteous, and I have always felt very positive about them. The location is not the easiest to get to, or be in the neighborhood of, without a car but I knew this from the beginning so I was prepared. I have one disappointment in that the high profile companies moving into this low profile area have pushed up the rental rates with their close proximity, which, to this humble renter who does not frequent the high profile places, is annoying. But then, much of Boston is now more expensive. Bottom Line: love this facility.

Friendly Staff

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 13, 2018

Eventhough I didn't meet the personnel in person. They were always friendly over the phone as well as via emails

Great storage place

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 6, 2018

We used this storage unit for summer months for my daughter who's in college in area. We will use them again next summer break too. Clean, great staff, always access w security code to get in.

Highly recommend!!!!!!

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 5, 2018

Great facility in great location. Clean and safe. Everyone on the staff is awesome. Friendly and helpful.


Star rating 4 out of 5

September 4, 2018

I had the storage space for many years. It was always kept clean, but at one point, there was a problem with mice, who got into some of my things. In the building I was in, there wasn't a garbage can, which I feel there should be, as I was always throwing away something, even old newspaper. There was also no bathroom or sink.If I didn't time it right and the main building with the restroom was closed, I couldn't wash my hands. It got very expensive, so I had to clear out. It was time anyway. Overall, the customer service was very good. The space kept clean.

amazing customer service

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 2, 2018

not one issue, not one problem. Curteous service and clean facilities. working elevator

Happy with customer service and facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 18, 2018

Representative at facility very helpful with questions, facility clean and storage space easy to access. Convenient to BC

Excellent Customer Service!

Star rating 5 out of 5

July 27, 2018

Being from out of town, I could not have been happier with this company. Every phone call was answered or returned promptly and with enthusiasm. thank you for everything!

Excellent service for the price

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 28, 2018

Excellent service for the price. Our belongings were sooty, dirty, and smelled quite badly from a fire, and cubesmart was fine with this. We had a storage unit within minutes of arriving. Only downside to the service is a low bar for security - the locks they provide are very, very cheap.

Great self storage facility!

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 9, 2018

Worked very well for my needs. Convenient, very close to my place. Cheaper price. I loved it!


Star rating 4 out of 5

March 8, 2018

Access to this facility for people that don't drive is obtainable through various public transportation points as it abuts the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) with a commuter rail stop across the bridge (Boston Landing) a short walk to busses for Harvard Sq, Other than the freight elevator having persistent issues of not working properly, I found it a good place to store property and has climate controlled buildings,

CubeSmart is an excellent choice for a storage facility!

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 27, 2018

CubeSmart is a clean and secure storage facility. I was never concerned about the safety of my belongings or the condition my belongings would be in when I needed them. CubeSmart has temperature controlled storage which is great. The prices also seem to be less than other places in the same area. If I am in need of storage again, CubeSmart will be the first place I look.

Fantastic Storage Facility! Wouldn't trade this place for the world!

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 21, 2018

Clean, well staffed, and secure. This place is perfect for storing anything and everything. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you!

Flexibility of CubeSmart Policy

Star rating 5 out of 5

December 25, 2017

As a veteran of the US Navy, I had my veteran's ID, but don't drive, so I could not rent a storage unit. But wait, to my surprise I received a call back stating I could use this ID to rent one. The office staff person Angelique was very helpful for accommodating my specific needs. excellent service, Thank you!

Reoccurring Customer

Star rating 4 out of 5

October 1, 2017

I have used Cubesmart back in Texas when I was in college, and to see I can use the storage unit here in Massachusetts for similar utility is much appreciated. Thank you.

Great customer service and great place!

Star rating 5 out of 5

July 30, 2017

Overall this place is an awesome place to work with! Everyone there is very friendly and they make sure all your questions are answered. All the security access to the building. That assures me that my stuff will be safe at cubesmart! And the prices are great too!

Outstanding customer service!

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 31, 2017

Angelic and Casey were amazingly helpful! Very quick, efficient, and friendly. Would definitely go back again. Thank you!

They're Really Great

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 28, 2016

It's only been a month, but this place is great! Climate controlled, super nice staff, easy enough to access, relatively close to Cambridge/Boston/etc, and I always feel safe when dropping things off. Elevator/lift was broken last time I was there, but I've been overall impressed.

Extremely helpful and trustworthy.

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 16, 2016

Eddie was extremely helpful in getting me signed up with Cube Smart. My company used a different storage unit, and they were unable to meet the bare minimum of what we needed. Cube Smart is able to do so, and they are extremely helpful and have a great attitude.

Great people!

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 14, 2016

The facilities are safe and secure. The staff is courteous, friendly, and helpful.

The best of the best

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 26, 2015

We were coming in from Tennessee and didn't know where we were or where we going! The employees were fabulous and even stayed after 5 to make sure we had everything we needed. AWESOME!!!

Great Experience

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 15, 2015

I checked in to the facility today. the process was very efficient and the facility manager was extremely helpful and professional. I totally recommend this facility.

Grea service and storage facilities

Star rating 5 out of 5

December 9, 2014

I have been storing my luggage since 2012 and from past 2 years, they were supporting staff and excellent customer service. The place has all units and also their maintenance is very good. They understand 2 ur problems on time and well supportive.

pretty good place!

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 19, 2014

the costs at the lincoln st location beat the crud out of all the other places near by. the staff is super nice, and always takes real good care of me. even if i miss the rent by a day they are super cordial and polite when they call to remind me payment is due soon.