Reviews of This Facility

Nice People - Professional and Courteous!

October 21, 2017

I just got off the phone after speaking with Dina (CubeSmart Customer Service Center near Lancaster, PA). Dina was so courteous, patient, and professional. Dina helped me to reset my email address and password so that I could log onto my online account. Dina did not end the service call until she made sure that I made a new password and that I could log off and log back on with success. Dina patiently answered a few other questions about my billing cycle. Dina definitely went the extra mile to assist me. The managers at the 6600 Delilah Rd. location in Egg Harbor Township, NJ have also been very nice to me. Your company seems like a very nice company. Everyone seems friendly, and wanting to help customers. The staff seems laid back and not uptight like at other places (where you sometimes feel like you entered a concentration camp when you come through the gates). The day that I found CubeSmart, I did all the paperwork for one rental unit from a different company. It was a long agreement that seemed like I was doing an FBI background check. When I got to the signature page, they wanted me to provide my social security number. Due to identity theft concerns, I refused to provide my SS# . The owner balked as he spit the juice from his chewing tobacco into a cup. I tore up the agreement right then and there. Then, I found CubeSmart. Your people in EHT, NJ did all the paperwork for me and didn't require a social security number. I was in my unit the same day that I tore-up the other contract. That was probably over two years ago, and I've been there eversince. Another company refused to assist me on the telephone and told me to do everything on the web site. When I did so, the confirmation email was for a storage unit at a totally different location. It was a mess. Anyway, I commend you for hiring good employees. They all seem content, which says a great deal about both them and upper management. Keep up the good work, and let Dina and the 6600 Delilah Road staff know that they're great!

Good service and facility

September 8, 2017

Good facilities and very friendly and good service


June 9, 2017

My walk thru was amazing. Agent gave me some details and suggested what was best for me. Appreciated all the help

Outstanding customer service, manager and facility.

March 9, 2017

Great service from all involved and they keep there word. Thanks for your great customer service, facility, security. Great location, nice area and looks like new. Thanks to all at this facility for Cubesmart. Rob Kreiner

Thumbs up!!

October 21, 2016

Great customer service all the way around. Thanks for keeping my things safe.

Good storage for the price and convenience

September 12, 2016

I have just started to use this facility so I dont have much to go on. Its a good location and price for now. Cubesmart is new to me as I have used many storage facilities and garages all over the US. This is a very clean and a great price for a garage inside.