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  1. ★★★★★
    3 months ago
    its great service
    The people that work at the Temple Hills Md location where I'm a customer have been so nice and helpful during difficult times, thank you
  2. ★★★★★
    3 months ago
    Storage Facility
    This was my first time using a storage facility and the manager made the entire process easy. She was very professional and able to answer all my questions.
  3. ★★★★
    6 months ago
    I had a pretty good experience with Cubesmart
    I have rented from Cubesmart since 2014. The service has been great until COVID-19 epidemic. I had never been late on a payment. I had my payments electronically deducted. However, when COVID hit, I could not keep up with the payment. I asked if there was anything they could do, but they were only willing to waive one of my late fees. Now I have rented paying over $300 a month and just needed time for my funds to increase..I explained I was not receiving full income. When I asked the local represent to provide me the number for their upper management, they said they would do the same thing management would do. I thought this to be insulting because I asked for a number not her assessment. This was the final straw. I removed all my items this weekend, discarding some very valuable items because I had no place to take them. I think Cubesmart could give better consideration for long term patrons. Also, I believe the government CARE funds passed by Congress are available and could have been used to help me in this situation or Cubesmart could have tried harder to accommodate and keep my business. I will not consider using them in the future.
  4. ★★★★★
    7 months ago
    The staff were very friendly and helpful
    My mother had a storage unit at this location about 4 years ago. I talked to a customer coming out and asked her how was the service - her response was, this is my second time renting. The ladies were very kind and patient showing me the units. It was 15 minutes before closing time and I told them I would come back tomorrow - I know when it's close to quitting time I want to go home. I never want to keep employees past the closing time at the place of business. Mrs. Smith (same last name as mine) kept telling me don't worry about it. I really appreciate their patience.
  5. ★★★★★
    9 months ago
    Great storage facility.No complaints.
    I've been a customer for years and I still am. Good location for access. I highly recommend Cube Smart.
  6. ★★★★★
    10 months ago
    Great storage facility
    Great looking facility and great customer service.
  7. ★★★★★
    11 months ago
    Friendly customer service............................
  8. ★★★★★
    11 months ago
    So far I like what I see
    Staff was helpful with getting started. They seemed knowledgeable. I'm sure they will be as attentive as possible if and when a situation arises.