Reviews of This Facility

Easy access and good temperature.

Star rating 5 out of 5

April 26, 2019

The facility is conveniently located. Clean as well. Staff is friendly. Happy with the space as well. Safe secure storage area.

I am in love with my storage facility!

Star rating 4 out of 5

April 8, 2019

Competitive prices and ease of use. The staff was great and the facilty was clean, secure and easy to access.

Excellent customer service.

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 23, 2019

Well managed, clean, convienant and safe facility.

great team work

Star rating 4 out of 5

January 26, 2019

the staff calls customer for reminders of late payment or security breach. great place for storage.

Always Attentive!

Star rating 5 out of 5

January 23, 2019

Since the day I came I was assisted in such a professional manner and helped me with all I needed! amazingly great!


Star rating 5 out of 5

January 16, 2019

Fast clean affordable near train very professional answered all questions thank you


Star rating 5 out of 5

November 24, 2018

The staff are very helpful, the facility is always clean, and it was very easy to access my belongings.

We appreciated the staff and the facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

November 4, 2018

Sara, your awesome representative was the best! She helped us throughout transition. She was very informative, patient and always with a smile! We look forward to continue our business with Cubesmart. Thank you Sara!

great customer service!!!!

Star rating 5 out of 5

November 1, 2018

excellence customer service,great location,great price

Clean, safe storage and the staff are amazing!

Star rating 5 out of 5

October 21, 2018

This is a clean, safe storage facility and everyone on staff are so helpful, knowledgable, and charming! They are the embodiment of superb customer service.

The place is very clean . Very good service and a new customer

Star rating 5 out of 5

October 14, 2018

Very excellent service today by Carlos Easy access to the place where I live . My co- worker recommended me to ur place and I like itt. I can recommend ur place to my friends and coworkers .


Star rating 5 out of 5

October 2, 2018

It was good service i Recommed it ! I liked the storage

Gooods places

Star rating 4 out of 5

September 17, 2018

the spaces are very clean the ease of the sites is very comfortable the only thing that seems to me is the price a bit high but of rest all good

Great self storage

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 28, 2018

Very good services y big placeI am very happy with the service it is a very safe place it is very close to getting there

Thank you Sarah!

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 8, 2018

Sarah, the person I initially spoke with at CubeSmart made a tough move all so easy! Friendly smile, knowledgeable customer service and a wizard with CubeSmart financials. I had planned to “shop around” but having Sarah assist me and showing me great options that CubeSmart could offer I was sold and signed up immediately! Thank you Sarah!

The best facility ever

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 28, 2018

I tried before different facility but this one I love strongly recommend to anyone

Great facility, but service was inconsistent

Star rating 5 out of 5

April 2, 2018

Service should be more consistent. Certain associates provided great service, and others much less so!

Convenient, Secure and Clean facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 14, 2018

The facility is very convenient, secure and clean. For added security the main gate of woodside location has to be fixed. I noticed it remained open during off hours.

Great place and prices

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 13, 2018

Very clean and organized business. Customer support was informative and professionals.

Amazing Customer Service

Star rating 4 out of 5

March 2, 2018

The day I went in to rent space I was given a discount that saved me over $100! The space is nice and clean and the employees are helpful. So helpful that one night after I finished putting my things into storage, my car battery died on me (I may or may not had left the lights on) and a young lady by the name of Larissa was extremely helpful in getting someone to come help jump start my car. She went above and beyond to provide service for me even though it was outside of storage facility. I will forever be grateful for that!

Great storage but very expensive

Star rating 4 out of 5

March 1, 2018

Storage is clean and secured but each storage unit estimated area is less than you will get. I supposed to have 8"x10" so 80 sqfeet but without any columns inside it was just 63 sqfeet. Price unfortunately is very high I paid for 8"x10" unit $273 ( and it was just 63 sqfeet not even 80 sqfeet)

Smaller unit

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 1, 2018

The people at the desk are very friendly. I just moved to a smaller unit in the same facility.

great facility as well clean and secured..

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 20, 2018

excellent customer services. great help for me.. very helpfull. glad that found a storage and people that care

Love the place

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 16, 2018

Great place to store our unwanted stuff. Safe and secure.

Great facility, ease of access, even from NYC

Star rating 4 out of 5

February 5, 2018

The facilities are clean, ease of access for customers and reception area is clean and well attended

great self storage facility very clean, excellent staff

Star rating 5 out of 5

January 30, 2018

Ms L valle Help me when I first arrived. She was very professional. I felt that she really took great care of my concerns. She explained everything about the hours of operation and the security of the facility.. I am very pleased with her service.

Super satisfied with this facility.

Star rating 4 out of 5

January 30, 2018

Perfect location for me. It’s always super clean. I took one star off because all though business hours are till 7, you pretty much have to be wrapped up by 5:30. Other than that, I’m happy with my stuff’s home.


Star rating 5 out of 5

January 29, 2018

Your lady’s at the desk are the best they made the the hole ordeal great

Best storage place I've used.

Star rating 5 out of 5

January 23, 2018

This CubeSmart location was convenient, clean, safe and is operated by a helpful and friendly staff (especially Dominique Williams!). I had items stored here for 3 years and experienced zero problems. (Which is WAY more than I can say for the other storage spaces I've used in the past.)

The best self storage facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

January 22, 2018

Excellent service , very clean , best security , I recommend

Very satisfactory

Star rating 5 out of 5

January 5, 2018

Great place very good customer service. Lovly people n sae with syorage unit.


Star rating 5 out of 5

December 28, 2017



Star rating 5 out of 5

December 1, 2017


great clean place,,, needs more lights on storage unit...

Star rating 4 out of 5

October 27, 2017

needs more lights on storage unit. and climate control stability. but a great storage place

Great but getting very expensive!

Star rating 4 out of 5

September 20, 2017

I am very happy with my location and access to my storage room. Unfortunately, in a year I have gone from paying $145 to $232. I need to downsize and eventually move out because it is getting very expensive. The worst part is there is no notification until it occurs. I have questions and I am bounced from customer service to location manager. It is very disappointing because I am happy with everything else. Meylin

Great Facility!

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 31, 2017

Friendly faces, great customer service! Always clean and tidy!

Clean, secure and great storage facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 31, 2017

Very pleasant store manager and staff. Very secure premises and accessible.

Very good in customer service, cleanliness, very important the security it's great.

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 10, 2017

Very good in customer service, cleanliness, very important the security it's great.

Very clean and secure facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 26, 2017

I recommend this place to store all your belongings

Great experience, staff is all around outstanding.

Star rating 5 out of 5

November 18, 2016

Cindy was my store contact at this location and she was 100% on point with helping me sort through my options. I came to CubeSmart in duress after circumstances forced an unexpected move on me. Believe me with such a life disruption, it was such a relief to have Cindy and a staff that was so warm, friendly, and eager to provide a measure of relief with where to put my belongings on such short notice. It's the seemingly small things like this that make big life problems more manageable. My only complaint is how inconvenient the hours are, I couldn't access my things when my job hours permitted. Thank you.

Great place wonderfully helpful people

Star rating 5 out of 5

October 9, 2016

We've never had to go to storage before, your manager at your 6604 location, Larissa Valle made our first experiance wonderfully easy and helped us with everything. Thank you

The best

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 12, 2016

Very convinient for every body in the family and very clean

Great self storage facility

Star rating 4 out of 5

July 21, 2016

No too convenient due to closing hours because people's work schedules

Best CubeSmart Ive seen

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 28, 2016

I own a moving company and have been to many storage facilities all over the country, not just here in NY, and this is one of the best facilities I have seen. Everything from the friendly effective staff there to the cleanliness of the facility itself. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Excellent storage

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 24, 2016

1. Excellent customer service. They corrected a problem swiftly without a run around. 2. They keep the facility area very clean especially the restroom.

Great Customer Service!5 stars

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 23, 2016

Had some questions regarding latest rate increase and Sophie explained and got an adjustment in a very timely manner. I've been a customer for a while now and always received very good service .

They always take care of everything I need

Star rating 5 out of 5

July 31, 2015

I give them a top rating always on point with everything they do.So happy that I chose this place to have my business in

Great place

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 3, 2015

I love the staff I love the music I love the carpet I love cleanliness Never had a problem getting a cart. So helpful and friendly. Temperature perfect Manager great I was worried when it change owners no need to worry.

Amazing customer service-

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 1, 2015

The staff and facilities are excellent. They offered clear information and tips on storing our things. We would recommend them highly!!

Excellent service, impressive facilities

Star rating 5 out of 5

April 26, 2015

Amazing personnels- not only are they super friendly but also very clear on the procedure and make every step hassle free. I am impressed how clean the storage units are as well. Extremely safe, easy to get to, and climate controlled. Will definitely be coming back to them if I need storage again.


Star rating 4 out of 5

February 28, 2015

I do not like your system of me having to go to facility due to I got a new credit card number and have to go personally to present it. I was in vacation and also do not reside close to facility and is difficult to get there. In this day and age of electronic transactions, internet, etc and also telephones and text, why do I have to go there personally?

Phenomenal customer service/managment skills!

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 5, 2015

One word: Wendy. Let me elaborate, Wendy works at the 33-24 Woodside Avenue location. She’s a human template on how to effectively manage a business whilst also catering effectively to the needs of customers. I was considering a move to another facility that was closer to the #7 train (purely a logistical move as I live closer to the # 7). However, I stayed put knowing the downside of “No Wendy” would far outweigh the upside of geography. Wendy calls me up when my check comes in and she’s always very capable when I have any questions or issues. She sat down with pen and paper recently with me to figure out a move from a smaller unit to a bigger unit. My math is lacking (lol), so having Wendy break it down and explain the logistics of such a transfer was so helpful. I’ve also witnessed Wendy interacting with other customers and she always courteous and supremely capable. I do also rent a storage unit at another facility (not Cubesmart) and I’m in the process of moving everything into “Wendy’s Cubesmart”. The other facility is impersonal and a total drudge every time I interact with the staff...dealing with Wendy is like a breath of fresh air! Kudos to Cindy as well..she’s been very capable in my interactions with her on the phone.

Terrific storage facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

December 26, 2014

Very clean, and the staff is quite helpful. You need a password to get into the facility and into the elevator, so, one feels that your belongings are safe.. You can purchase packing supplies, which helps when your belongings need to be repacked. Two drawbacks: they do charge to use their dumpster, and they raise the storage rental fees every year. Other rental storage units that I have used in the passed would raise the rental fees every 3-4 years, not yearly.