Reviews of This Facility

Tiffany is the best

January 3, 2018

Thank you Tiffany and all of you at CubeSmart self storage.

Great self storage facility!

December 27, 2017

Great self storage facility! Convenient hours to access belongings when you're on the go! Good/Competitive deals when you first get started too! And the staff there isn't too shabby either... LOL! Good team working there!

Not easy to pay

August 6, 2017

I use to be able to make a quick call, which allowed me to make a quick payment, but now with the auto service there are all the steps to get into the system then $3.95 fee -- yikes, what happened to the simplicity factor???...I for one am not pleased... Very frustrated is more like it! Rates keep going up and then extra fees charged to make a payment on time.

No flaws, Staff is fantastic

August 3, 2017

Units are clean and well organized. Great location.

Always helpful & friendly

May 11, 2017

Love the staff at CubeSmart! They helped me find the space I needed and they also chase me nicely when I forget to pay. :)

Staff was great

May 4, 2017

Setting up a reservation was easy and the staff was helpful and the customer service was Excellent.