Reviews of This Facility

great self storage facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 14, 2019

this is a great storage facility. clean, safe, well-lit, convenient. not to mention the awesome customer service and helpful staff. highly recommend!

Fantastic Experience all around!!

Star rating 5 out of 5

December 4, 2018

I had my storage unit for about a year and all around I had a great experience! The facility was kept clean and secure at all times, the staff was friendly and helpful. As far as having a storage unit and what one may expect to come with it I think that BOLT on Leary way deserves a 10 out of 10, all my needs and expectations were met at all times.

A very positive experience

Star rating 5 out of 5

November 22, 2018

The staff was phenomenal and security gave me a lot of peace of mind. My only gripe would be the access hours to the facility but that’s easily forgiven. All in all an a very positive experience.

Good and easy

Star rating 5 out of 5

October 31, 2018

easy to use and very practical as well as well priced. wonderful opportunity between moves and they have a package for everyone.

Great Facility. Secure, easy to access, and a friendly staff!

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 27, 2018

Great Facility. Secure, easy to access, and a friendly staff!

Overall great experience here.

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 22, 2018

Facility was dry, clean, easily accessible. Staff was friendly, knowledgeable and accessible.

The location and staff are superb!

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 22, 2018

I have never had an issue in like a year of storin my stuff here, and the staff? If it werent professionally inappropriate, I would take them all out for drinks and stuff. They can Uber themselves home though. Store yer stuff here, ya wont be disappointed.

10/10 - Would store here again

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 17, 2018

Everything about storing my stuff here was easy. Renting the unit, accessing the unit, and paying for it was seamless. I even got a courtesy call when my payment was late. The staff were friendly, and the move-out process took three minutes. I was even able to donate my lock so someone who needed one but couldn't afford it could have it. That might be my favorite part, really.

Convenient and clean!

Star rating 5 out of 5

July 30, 2018

Everything was great about the facility. Clean, friendly service, and convenient loading and unloading. Over the last month as I’ve been moving out, the back roll door was broken and it seems like it’s taking a long time to fix. With it broken, you can’t use the main and convenient loading dock.

Good place odd hours.

Star rating 4 out of 5

July 23, 2018

The Ballard cube smart was good. Service always friendly and great. Clean and very well matained. Only issue was the odd hours with no access if the office was closed making it very difficult to get in and out of if you work regular 9-5 job. Otherwise location was great and staff were great.

Decent price.

Star rating 5 out of 5

July 19, 2018

Helpful and pleasant staff. Convenient location with good security.

Nice facility!

Star rating 4 out of 5

July 18, 2018

Perfect for my needs, temporary storage while remodeling my home. Good management, very clean and secure building. Unfortunately during the last month access was affected by an accident to the main drive in access which made loading and unloading more difficult but I expect this will be temporary in nature.

Efficient, Clean, Well-Managed

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 20, 2018

A friend recommended Bolt Storage in Ballard. I was impressed by the ease of access, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and how clean it is. The facility is well lit, and I always felt safe.

It was super easy, and convenient!

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 6, 2018

I loved the first month free, and 10% off promotion I received. Moving in and out was super easy and I liked the location a lot. I was in the process of getting my own place so needed a convenient place to store my stuff temporarily that I could access when needed.

Super Self-Storage!

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 30, 2018

We needed space in Ballard when we sold our vacation cabin - everything had to move and we simply didn't have space at home. Bolt Storage had just opened up and we were delighted with the ease of setting up our account, the personal service, simplicity of auto payment and the quality of the storage space itself. The facility was always clean, felt secure and the ease of access was wonderful. I'd highly recommend it!

Great experience here

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 27, 2018

I appreciate how clean the storage facility is. The only suggestion I would make is adjusting the hours that you can access your unit, 7pm is a little early if you work during the day. But I’m glad you added more carts for use because it used to be hard to get multiple carts at one time. The staff is always friendly and courteous. Margarita is such a nice and helpful worker, she needs a raise! She made my move-out so easy and smooth which was so appreciated.

Best experience at a storage facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 22, 2018

Couldn’t be happier with my experience with Bolt. The staff were exceptional, and did little things like get the door for me when I was rolling a full cart from the elevator. The facility was top-notch and location ideal. When it was time to move out, they were very friendly and accommodating with no surprise fees or red tape. Next time I need storage, I’ll be back.

Secure, clean safe self-storage!

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 7, 2018

This is one of the safest, cleanest and most secure self-storage facilities I've ever needed to use. The facility was always cleaned and had helpful staff.

Proficient Storage facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 24, 2018

This is a very clean facility and it is run well. Hallways are lit well. I did not have any issues with renting from this location and it was very convenient. The staff is friendly and welcoming every time i have been in.

Good Storage Place

Star rating 5 out of 5

March 12, 2018

Clean and easy to use storage facility. Easy to work with.

Great facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 9, 2018

Very straightforward place. Easy access and extremely helpful staff.

Lousy Automated Payment service

Star rating 5 out of 5

September 2, 2017

Website did not work for payment, 800 number did not work for payment, local number rerouted to the 800 number and did not work. After wasting an hour of my time, payment not made. Very frustrated

Management Change

Star rating 4 out of 5

June 27, 2017

I hate that I cant just call the facility to pay and if it's done over the phone with the automated call center you are not sent a receipt.

So Far, So Good

Star rating 5 out of 5

June 21, 2017

We needed storage for a few months as we declutter our house in preparation for a sale. Since we are not certain we will be able to sell, we decided on DIY storage for some of our small things, knowing that we would have to hire a professional mover to handle the big items. We found Bolt through Yelp and made an online reservation. We did show up earlier than expected and there was some confusion in the office, but we got our unit (we did have to upgrade to a bigger unit, which was not really a problem) and got an excellent discount. The storage unit is clean and the ceilings go way up (11 feet), so at least there is no feeling of claustrophobia. The only issue we experienced was difficultly in closing the roll down door to the unit. The trick is, you have to shove it down and step on it again as you push the bolt lock to the right. We bought our lock from them, but they do not require it, so some money can be saved by bringing your own.