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  1. ★★★★★
    4 months ago
    Attentive staff
    Convenient and easy to access storage facility with an attentive staff.
  2. ★★★★★
    11 months ago
    Amazing facility and customer support, great amount of space!
    While going through a overly stressful time (moving two times within 2 weeks) the manager was super polite, great customer service, broke down the different packages to choose the best option for me . What impressed me the most was how helpful he was in every aspect . He assisted in helping to find affordable movers as I had just moved a week before and spent a lot so that was really genuine and the time he took to help meant a lot to me. He as well offered me coffee as I was super exhausted , he truly displayed care, patience ,support, and authenticity . A truly great facility, between customer service, support and cleanliness I couldn’t be any happier with the location I chose . Thank you so much .
  3. ★★★★★
    a year ago
    Great customer service
    I'm very happy with the quality and degree of customer service at this site.
  4. ★★★★★
    2 years ago
    great self storage facility
    i would like to recomend this place to everybody because it is very clean place affordable price and very good service
  5. ★★★★★
    2 years ago
    Great facility and helpful GMgr. Jeff
    Thank you Jeff for all your help with my rental. Very much appreciated. Excellent facility.
  6. ★★★★
    2 years ago
    Storage facility was great but management was very unprofessional
    My storage experience was great except for the manager. Upon my arrival of my movers moving my belonging in. The driver accidentally hit the garage motor on the top because the height was not posted outside of the facility to let drivers know if they have clearance. Upon my departure, the same manager started to give me the scoop that the company I had chosen to move my belongings has not paid the damages that they said they would pay for. He seemed like he wanted start an argument with the company when they would come to pick my things up. I know escpeially for a manager, he should not telling a paying customer company business things. Very unprofessional and un-managerial like conduct. On my moving out day, I came into buy a mattress bag/check out. No one was in the office and I waited for over 10 minutes until I went into the storage side of the business to find a worker. Once I found a worker it was the manager (which he seemed very annoyed I bothered him) Other than that the unit was in great shape, I like the facility, expect for the staffs unprofessional and unmotivated behaviors. I would suggest finding a different manager :)
  7. ★★★★★
    2 years ago
    great place
    i like the convenience that is close to me, that is clean and the people that work there are friendly
  8. ★★★★
    2 years ago
    Great Building, Evaporative Coolers
    Everything about this building is really nice, with one exception. The good: large drive-in loading area, proximity of loading to most units, the staff is great, easy access from the street. However, this building uses evaporative cooling (swamp coolers). This just doesn't work in the midwest. The use of evap cooling is clearly stated in the fine print, it just was a bit of a surprise when the weather turned. I'm not sure why they even bother to turn the cooling on, its so hot and humid in this building.