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Blows away the competition.

Star rating 5 out of 5

May 17, 2019

First went to a competitor, US Storage, across the street because they were slightly cheaper. My experience there made it so obvious why. Their facility looks like an abandoned prison with poor lighting that made just being there uncomfortable. The manager also forgot to take the lock off of their moving truck that I was borrowing, and then was nowhere to be found when I came back to have him remedy the situation. Because of their ridiculous deadline for returning the truck, and my own deadline for getting out of my old apartment, I had very little time to move into the unit and this situation was burning what little time I had. I got tired of waiting and, in a huff, walked across the street to you guys feeling very frustrated. Let me tell you, you guys instantly turned my mood, and my day, around. Your staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I feel so bad for not remembering her name. She answered all my questions thoroughly, and was extremely flexible when I randomly decided to take a different sized unit when she was giving us the tour. This brand new facility is beautiful. Bright, clean doors, floors, and walls and a motion sensor lighting system that has almost zero delay. The music that plays constantly throughout the facility is a really nice touch to alleviate the creepiness that storage facilities sometimes have. Not being charged for the provided lock was the cherry on top for me. 5 stars.