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  1. ★★★★★
    a month ago
    Great Service
    Great customer service, thanks Allen for always making sure to help
  2. ★★★★★
    4 months ago
    Well Managed Facility!
    I am an existing customer who has been at this facility since they opened. I have rented many a storage unit for work and personal use. I can honestly say that this facility is top notch, very clean and safe. The thing however I feel is most important is the hard working folks who work for and manage this facility. I know if I need anything that Brooke the facility manager is a phone call away. Brooke is a professional hard worker and a genuine lady. There are other facilities in the area that may be cheaper but Brooke makes the difference and works hard making Cubesmart on Severn the best value hands down. I can’t say it often enough but I’ll say it now! Thank you Brooke - I appreciate you and your hard working staff. You guys rock!
  3. ★★★★★
    5 months ago
    So Far I'd Use Severn Ave., Metarie CubeSmart again!
    We booked online and within 5 min. rec'd a phone call confirming reservation was real. Right away that gave me a good feeling b/c it showed this location (of its own accord) was aware & on top of things, &/or corporate had put good systems & expectations in place to ensure that. 2-3 wks. later I called to see if on 1st day we had to arrive when office still open. We didn't; very helpful for our schedule. Shekitre, the mgr. was really nice & informative explaining entry, finding our cube, & bunch of questions. Note: even tho' u can go after office closed, it does close @ 10 pm. The place was immaculate, & we were there 3 days in a row; motion sensor lights and elevators work great; the carts smooth & reasonably sized so you don't have to make too many trips. They sent email reminder for us to sign paperwork (helpful) & clear direction for setting up online account. No Complaints But We'd Have Liked: 1) The timer on elevator doors set to stay open longer (or be able to be set in open position, which I can see you might not want to do for various reasons). 2) Maybe some more carts. There were 3 and we barely had to wait, but it was 2nd wk. May 2020 (Coronavirus...), so if we'd been there further into summer, or more of a peak period I could see having to wait for a cart. 3) Signs to go Right or Left for Cube #'s 225-235, like in hotels for when you get off elevator or at other points when there's a direction choice. Similarly signs to find your way back to elevator. 4) After our 1st load we realized we needed a bigger cube and Shekitre thoughtfully found us one right near by (only @ 15-20 ft. b/c 1st & 2nd were near corner). The whole change done easily by phone; we gave credit card for the price difference; she gave us new cube number. All done, all else the same.
  4. ★★★★★
    5 months ago
    Easy Breezy
    This was my first time putting things in storage and I didn’t know what to expect..It was EASY and the young lady who assisted us was friendly and informative.. highly recommend ..??????
  5. ★★★★★
    5 months ago
    Great facility! Great Service! Great Price!
    Excellent customer service! Brook answered all our questions and was very nice! I highly recommend this facility to anyone. Antonio
  6. ★★★★★
    5 months ago
    Great Deal
    Signing up & checking in was a breeze. The facility is brand new and the price fits my budget! I needed a new space to store some things. The rates were going up AGAIN at my old storage facility. CubeSmart was less than half the price of my previous storage and it's all climate controlled. I was outside in the heat before coming here!!
  7. ★★★★★
    7 months ago
    Just what we needed
    Brook is a great manager-very friendly and helpful
  8. ★★★★
    9 months ago
    Clean and friendly. Climate controlled.
    friendly staff. Clean and climate controlled. Good space.