Reviews of This Facility

Great self storage facility

April 11, 2018

Had no problems and was at my disposal when i needed to get into my storage.

wonderful self storage facility

March 25, 2018

It is a top notch facility I would highly recommend

Great Company With Friendly Staff!

October 6, 2017

This is the first time I have had to get a storage unit since moving to Tucson in late January. I chose CubeSmart because of their prices after searching online. The customer service representatives on the phone were very knowledgeable and helped me select location close to where I live. The particular location where I ended up renting from was referred to me from the one further down the street from it because I wanted climate control. Both locations have friendly and helpful staff. I’m happy with my decision to go with CubeSmart, and appreciate that I’m in a great facility with good management. Thank you Team CubeSmart!

Great in person service,

August 24, 2017

Great "face to face" service. Good thing too, because the online portal is a buggy, useless mess leaving"in person" as ones only option (hint, a cc with a 6/19 exp is NOT expired - fix the payment portal please)

David and his staff are top notch

July 16, 2017

The facility is well maintained and has superb security. We'll lite with easy access.

Great facility!

March 23, 2017

Customer service was amazing at this location! We were in and out in minutes. The GM was a pleasure to work with. Will recommend!

Pretty darn good storage facility

December 4, 2016

The only thing I'd have to complain about is trash that collects in the aisles when the wind starts but that can't be helped since its the wind causing it. It is however always cleaned up the next day so it's all good. Other than that everything is perfect. Staff is great! Love Cubesmart.


August 11, 2016

Good self storage facility! Good location Safe choice

Great service.

August 11, 2016

Everything has gone off without a hitch. It is wonderful to have things go so well. Thanks, Vince

Excellent self storage facility

June 22, 2016

I haven't had a better experience im so thankful i chose this particular storage they have been kind and very helpful with keeping my private belongings safe. Thank you Cubesmart.

Good Facility, great GM and customer service!

May 10, 2016

Great storage facility! Units are clean and the property is secure which was a big deal for me when looking. I had an issue about a month back and the GM was wonderful! Very prompt and curtious and everything was resolved in a very satisfactory manner. I would recommend this particular storage facility to anyone looking.

Awesome Sauce!!

February 27, 2015

CubeSmart, on the corner of Oracle and Grant in Tucson, AZ., is the best!! It's very close to where I live AND work, I never doubt my storage lockers are safe because the manager lives on site, the grounds are well kept AND best of all their employees are ALWAYS friendly and eager to assist in any way they can. I would not just highly recommend CubeSmart, I wouldn't store my things at any other place, other than my own home! : )

Convenient, Clean, Friendly Staff

September 28, 2014

This location is perfect for me...great facility and staff. I do wish there was 24 hour access.

Leslie (manager) is WONDERFUL! - 2424 North Oracle Rd

July 1, 2014

The storage facility is located at the NE corner of Grant/Oracle. Leslie is always incredibly friendly, conscientious and kind. The facility exterior is very clean. The pavement looks fresh. There is never a scrap of garbage in sight. The storage doors were all recently repainted. She frequently monitors the facility area. Leslie addresses many of her customers by name. If she is not secretly a franchise owner, she's the best manager any owner could hope for. Leslie is on top of everything. I've had storage unit(s) there for over four years. If it were not for Leslie, I might have considered shopping around for storage spaces again. I like that the exterior is clean and that Leslie tries to keep it as safe as possible. I've seen vagrants occasionally walk in (following a vehicle in/out or entering through an unclosed pedestrian gate), but that is the nature of this area of town (Grant/Oracle). Thus, it makes sense why Leslie frequently monitors the area on foot. When I'm reorganizing my space or looking for something, I might be in my storage space for a long period of time. More often than not, Leslie will come by just to make sure everything is okay. I don't know how CubeSmart is owned or operated, but I do know that Leslie is the type of person/employee/manager that any service-oriented company should aim to hire, keep and reward. In 4+ years: My unit gets fairly dusty inside. No spiders. No scorpions. A few small dead roaches. No water leaks (as far as I know). Ask the manager for her recommendations on keeping dust out. I recommend storing your items in clear 55-gallon "drum liner" garbage bags so you can see them, yet keep them dust free. For other items, or boxes, consider covering them with sheets or tarps. Arizona is a dusty place. You'll appreciate these tips in the long run. (I just need to keep the inside of my storage unit as clean as Leslie maintains the facility!) Overall facility cleanliness and appearance = A+ Facility maintenance = A+ If CubeSmart could manage and maintain our Tucson city streets and buildings, it would beautify our commutes! Until this review, I never really though about how well kept the storage units are because I've never had a problem. I highly recommend CubeSmart AND, more specifically, the Grant/Oracle location. THANK YOU LESLIE & CUBE SMART!

An excellent experience over all.

May 14, 2014

Just rented at my first CubeSmart facility and so far I couldn't be more pleased. Manny went the distance in answering all my questions and searching out my best options for storage. Good Job!!!

will not use again

October 10, 2013

the corporate guidelines are making me move to a different facility. I don't appreciate getting a lien document after being not even 25 days late! Plus, too expensive compared to others. However the local main manger, Leslie, is outstanding and the reason that I stayed there for over a year!