What's smart for you?

CubeSmart's property management program provides extensive operational and managerial support to ensure your investment is well-managed. Find out how our team can improve the performance of your property.

Industry-Leading Revenue Optimization

One of the biggest benefits of working with CubeSmart is tapping into a genuine understanding of the self-storage market, both locally and nationally. We believe in the power of numbers, quite literally. The prices we set, the promotions we offer, and the business decisions we make are informed by data. Not only do we collect data from our portfolio of more than 1,000 stores, but we also gather metrics from our competitors, our customers, and our people. Our team of analysts and data scientists aggregates, analyzes, and distills this information into actionable decisions at both the store and storage unit level. By partnering with CubeSmart, you benefit from all our science-driven business intelligence platform has to offer.

Revenue Management & Business Intelligence

Scientific revenue management systems include a revenue forecast and pricing optimization engine.

Wide range of analytical support for underlying operations and marketing decisions drives the success of your store.

Robust promotion planning provides automated offer triggering.

Ongoing performance monitoring and trend analysis includes weekly review.

Pricing analysts give you human review of pricing system output.

Detailed annual revenue budgeting.

Proprietary pricing interface and workflow system allows the pricing team to efficiently receive and incorporate input from the district managers running your stores.

Each customer’s value is maximized with our deep, data-driven understanding of our customers’ behavior. We consider key factors including price and promotion sensitivity, length of stay, sensitivity to rate increases, and other proprietary metrics.

On-staff PhDs build and advance cutting-edge pricing systems.

Strategic focus on long-term revenue over the full lease-up stabilizes the life cycle of a facility.

Comprehensive competition-mapping and prioritization generates fully informed competitive pricing.