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Earth Day Upcycling: Go Green by Reusing 7 Crazy Things

April 22, 2014
earth day upcycle 1

It's sometimes hard to believe that our home, the Earth, only gets one day per year to be celebrated! At CubeSmart, we often like to celebrate and share ways to go green or give back to the environment. OurPlant a Tree program – which has planted 40,000 trees and counting! – is one of the ways we like to make a contribution. We also like to use our blog to inspire smart ways to reduce the amount of waste and garbage, such as upcycling plastic bottles or discovering new uses for broken objects.

40,000 Trees and Counting!

April 18, 2014
pat social image

We've got incredible news to share, and just in time for two eco-friendly days: Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the American Forests' Global ReLeaf Program, and our environmentally-conscious Customers, we're proud to announce that CubeSmart has helped to plant 40,000 trees! To commemorate this amazing achievement, we've developed an infographic to highlight the benefits that each of these 40,000 trees has had across the country.

What Should You Store: College Edition

April 17, 2014
storage solutions 5

Moving back home for the summer can be a stressful process. You have to coordinate with family and friends on when to transport your things back home and pack and organize everything, on top of studying for your final exams. Then when classes resume in the fall, you'll have to do the same process all over again. Ugh! Save yourself the time and stress by renting a CubeSmart cube for the summer break. Here's a list of eight items you're better off storing in a cube than bringing home.

Saving Space on Bicycle Day

April 15, 2014
bike storage 4

Ready to ride like the wind now that spring is here? We are too! Plus, today is Bicycle Day. The only hold-up about owning a bike is finding the right place to keep it. If you live in smallish apartment and don't have the option of outdoor storage,keeping your bike around can get problematic. However, with some innovative use of space and unique storage ideas – you can solve the "big bike, no space" dilemma. In honor of Bicycle Day, here are six smart ways to store your bike indoors with a limited amount of space. With these smart storage ideas, your bike will be out of your way, but accessible at all times.

Unscrambling Scrabble Décor for Your Home

April 13, 2014

April 13th is Scrabble Day, a celebration of that decades-old old board game you probably came across while cleaning out a closet or game cabinet in your home. If it’s been awhile since you dusted off your Scrabble tiles, don't toss out this classic game! There are plenty of fun ways to upcycle those universally letter pieces. Here are 8 ways to turn Scrabble pieces into fun home décor.

Organized In 10 Minutes or Less

April 11, 2014

Now that spring has sprung, finding the time to get organized probably seems impossible. But getting organized doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a whole day of sunshine to do it. Even just ten minutes can help you complete some of your Spring Cleaning goals quickly so you can get back outside. With a couple of clever tips and tricks, you can get your home looking more organized very quickly.

EZ Tips For Storing Tax Documents

April 7, 2014

Tax season can be, well, taxing. It's no surprise considering that the current U.S. tax code is 73,954 pages long! Imagine trying to organize and store all those pages in your CubeSmart cube! While you will only have worry about storing a fraction of paperwork by comparison, it's important that you understand the ins and outs of storing all of your financial papers to prevent a bigger tax-related headache later on. To help give you some peace of mind as the 2013 tax season closes, we've detailed tips to help you store your taxes for years to come.

#WinterIsntComing: Decluttering Your Home Now That Spring is Here

April 4, 2014

Now that spring is finally here, it's time to think about ditching your wintry blues, grays, and whites for sandals and shorts. We're just as excited about the warm temperatures to come as we are about organizing all our winter gear and storing it away for a few months. Since cold weather gear tends to take up lots of room, packing away those heavy coats, scarves and gloves will help your home feel less cluttered. With the excitement that winter isn’t coming, we’ve compiled a list of things you can finally pack away until winter returns.

Bats, Baseballs, and Cards: How Many Can You Store in Your Cube?

April 1, 2014
baseball helmet

Batter up! Baseball season is here. With the onset on America's favorite pastime, we at CubeSmart have baseballs, bats, and gloves on our brains. According to recent statistics, professional baseball teams can go through as many as 900,000 baseballs each season. Given the size of a standard 10' x 10' CubeSmart cube, you'd need 9 cubes to store them all! While you may not need that many cubes, in honor of the start of baseball season, we've calculated how much space you'd need to store all of your baseball-related gear.

Get More For Less In Your College Dorm

March 27, 2014

As a college student, you’re probably strapped for cash and living in a dorm room that’s roughly the size of your average shoebox. But that doesn’t mean your dorm room absolutely has to look like your budget is a shoestring from said box. With a little creativity and some savvy DIY know-how, you can awe your roommate (and the entire hall for that matter) by getting more for less in your college dorm.

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