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Most times, our customers turn to us when they are in the midst of a life-changing event like getting married, downsizing their home, moving for a job, grieving the loss of a family member, or going through a change in relationship status that requires a change in living arrangements – yep, the big "D"- and more unexpected situations. These events require the use of extra storage space and the flexibility to move essential items around while figuring out what's next.

At CubeSmart, we are here to help you during those life-changing events. Our Company motto is to surprise and delight customers by always giving more than expected. In other words, we help you climb mountains by making the load a little lighter.

Work with The Storage Queens

But, enough about us! What about you? Are you interested in working with CubeSmart and want to be featured on The Storage Space?

We are building a best-in-class blog by working with smart, fun and clever content producers who know how to come up with small space design ideas, cheap storage tricks, DIY hacks, organization tips, life event resources and more! We're also connecting with local experts who live in cities they love and want to share their knowledge! We want our blog to be a place that helps our readers have a simpler, easier, and more relaxed lives.

We live and breathe storage and organization and are looking for people who want to provide the same for our readers! Your readers will receive seasoned advice about moving experiences, storage services and the many benefits of using self-storage, its amenities, and more!

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a national brand, expose your name and content to a national audience supported through social amplification, and receive enthusiastic input and support throughout the content ideation and production process.

Here's what we look for in our partners:

  • You have a great personality and your content has an upbeat tone.
  • You have an awesome blog already where you regularly produce content for your audience.
  • You have a strong social following, on Facebook and Twitter in particular, where your audience engages with your posts.
  • You are interested in creating unique, amazing, and entertaining content that helps people.

Meet Some of Our Storage Queens



Tracy Kaler

Tracy offers her tips on how to traverse the nuances of moving to and living in a big city. Her local insight helps "New-bie" Yorkers feel like they have that great neighbor who lets them in on the "do's and don'ts" of living in NYC.




Vicki Powers

Meet our Houston Moving Guide expert! Vicki is a Texas native and longtime Houston resident who loves a good deal, so much so that she helps others find freebies and cheap deals all over Houston.




Teresa Mears

Our local Miami expert shares her insight on moving and shaking in Miami on the cheap to help future residents get to know their new city's culture and adapt to the tropical-style weather.



We'd love to add you to our featured content partners! Let's talk about how we can work together.

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