A Busy College Student’s Guide to Smarter Moving

The end of the school year is near, which can only mean a few things: cramming for finals, celebrating the end of the year, and–if you're graduating–starting a new chapter in your young life. But there's one last thing you have to do first: move out of your old room! Let's face it—as a college student, you're probably too busy procrastinating on your studies to worry about packing up and moving out. Even the thought of going back home may disgust you (sorry Mom and Dad)! With a little help, you can get your things organized fast so you can say goodbye to your dorm room in a flash. For everything that you aren't packing up for home, you can always store ‘em at CubeSmart and save 15% off your cube for the summer. Check out these 11 clever tips and tricks to help you move out efficiently and effortlessly.

    1. Book Movers in Advance Finding movers at the last minute can be a daunting task. Save yourself the headache by booking movers ahead of time. Booking movers early can allow you to get the best deals and so you can focus on finals during exam week. You can also take advantage from these special moving offers from our partners, SML, Penske, and U-Pack Moving.
    2. Make a List and Develop a Color-Coding System While this may seem like a no-brainer, you'd be surprised at how rarely people actually go through with it. Making a list of all the boxes you have packed – and color coding them by room or roommate – is an easy first step towards organizing your move. It also helps you keep track of all your stuff so you don't lose anything! You'll know exactly where everything was packed and where it's supposed to go in your new place. Another great advantage of this is it enables you to plan out your move step-by-step. Pack a few essential items like bed sheets, pillows, towels and cookware in a box listed as "Unpack First!" and you'll be able to actually live in your new place the first night.moving tips 2
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    3. Take Pictures of your Place, Both Old and New With cameras in nearly every phone these days, this is a helpful tip that takes almost no effort. Save yourself the hassle of setting up fixtures like your TV – take a picture of all the wires so you know where they all go later when you move back home for the summer and when you move back in the dorm in the fall. And this can help you save money! If you are moving into a new place during the summer, take some pictures of it completely empty before you get all settled. These will come in handy when getting your security deposit back if you're renting.moving tips 3
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    4. Use Luggage for Heavy Items Why waste your wheels on lightweight clothing when you can really use them to your advantage! Put items like books, picture frames, cookware, and anything heavy in your wheeled-luggage so you can move it with ease. Trust us; your back will be thankful for it. And don't worry, if you need to start sacrificing luggage space for your clothes to do this, there are plenty of other great ways to pack your clothes to make up for it (some of which we cover later)!moving tips 4
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    5. Keep Drawers in Tact with Saran Wrap and Tape Doesn't it seem unnecessary to pack the clothes out of your dresser in a suitcase when they're already perfectly folded in there in the first place? Well if you're moving in a rush, or a little bit lazier than most, just secure the drawers shut with some saran wrap and tape. The saran wrap will help keep everything in your drawers from moving around and getting ruffled, and the tape will keep the drawers shut while you're moving it out of your home and into the van. Unpacking is done in a flash too – just remove the tape and saran wrap and you're done!moving tips 5
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    6. Pack Glassware Using Linens and ThingsSave money by protecting glassware with items you already have – socks and linens! Using clean pairs of socks, ball one sock inside the bowl of the glass. Then place the glass inside the sock sole and wrap the top part of the sock around the glass's bottom for additional protection. For glass baking dishes or plates, wrap these items in towels, pillowcases, or t-shirts. When packing these items into boxes, use blankets to line the bottom of the box before packing your glassware. Use socks or heavy scarves to separate items from each other during your move.moving tips 6
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    7. Bag Your Clothes Believe it or not, this is the most efficient way of packing your clothes because it takes no time at all to pack them and unpack them once you've moved. Take trash bags to your clothes in the closet while they're still hanging and tie them off at the top of the hangers. This saves you the time you would have used folding clothes and packing hangers because bagging your clothes completely avoids all of that – you can hang up your clothes in your new closet as soon as you move in!moving tips 7
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    8. Pack an Overnight Bag Chances are that when you finally move in your home for the summer, you'll be too tired to unpack a single thing. That even means the basics: clothes, toiletries, a towel, etc. Chances are you also worked up quite a sweat during the big move, so you'll actually need things to take a shower and a fresh change of clothes. Think ahead and pack yourself an overnight bag with all the daily essentials you will need for the first few days. You'll feel clean, refreshed and ready to take on all the unpacking you have to do.moving tips 8
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    9. Defrost Your Fridge the Day Before You Move Prevent a leaky mess from developing by defrosting your mini-fridge before you move. Empty your fridge of non-perishable items and pack perishable items in a cooler filled with ice or ice packs. Unplug your refrigerator and use a cloth and hot water to wipe down shelves covered in ice to help accelerate the melting process. Once your fridge is finished after a few hours, wipe up any pooled water and use rubber bands to wrap up its cord.moving tips 9
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    10. Unpack by Room (and Your TV Last!)After the big move, you'll still need to unpack. Make this process easier by unpacking boxes by room. Start unpacking things you'll need for your bedroom, then unpack items for your bathroom. Depending upon your new place and your needs, you may want to unpack items for your kitchen or living room next. If you are moving back home with your parents for the summer, you could always to store access supplies for the kitchen or living room in cube near your college to save you the trouble from transporting them back in the fall. Whatever you do, be sure to unpack and set-up your TV and computer last to prevent any distractions.moving tips 10
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    11. Set-up Cable and Internet Before You ArriveIf you are moving to a new apartment during summer break, you may want to sit back and unwind by watching a marathon session of your favorite TV show after you've finished unpacking. However, not having your cable or internet set-up before you arrive would complicate those plans. Before you move, set up a date and time the day before your move-in date for your cable and internet provider to set-up everything you'll need so it'll be ready when you arrive. If that's not an option, arrange for them to arrive a day or two after you've moved, so you'll have it within a few days. Otherwise, you may have to wait a week or more to get everything installed.

Moving is no easy task, and looking at all the unpacking work ahead of you when moving can be daunting. But with these smart tips, you can make your move out of your dorm room smarter.

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  • I wish I knew some of this when I was moving to Sydney a few years ago. That’s actually why I ended up starting my own moving and removals business. When you’re young and green and have never moved before, you need all the tips and help you can get to make the move and transition as easy as possible. Lord knows it’s stressful enough having to move house as it is!

  • Moving will definitely take up a lot of your time and a part of your already-packed busy schedule. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan things out prior to the move in order to ensure that you do not overlook any single step which could stir about unwanted problems later on. Having on hand a list like this which covers all aspects of the move will help you to manage the entire phase in a more organized manner to meet the deadline of each task.

  • I am moving out of my current apartment to another place.  I’ve been here long enough that I got rid of my old cardboard boxes.  Who has the best deal on getting cardboard boxes and other moving supplies?  As a student, it is super essential that I save as much money as I can.

  • Packing an overnight bag is a great way to keep the bare minimum essentials when moving! Another thing that caught my eye was the closet picture where you expertly bagged that bundle of clothes into a bag so that they all stay fairly straight in their forms instead of wadded up into the bag. Honestly, these are some of the best and most unique moving tips that I’ve seen when looking for ideas to make moving easier. Your tip number one is also an incredible idea that you shouldn’t miss! 

  • I am graduating this year and I should move out of my dorm room. I already found a nice apartment and I hope that I will be able to pack all of  my stuff myself. Thank you a lot for the nice advices!