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Ins and Outs of Moving to Los Angeles

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Hollywood, La La Land, the City of Angels. LA goes by many names, and it means different things to different people. What everyone can agree on is that Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world. It's done a lot to earn its reputation, and because of it, many people flock to the city every year to make it their home. Whether you're moving from somewhere else in California or making the move from New York, get the facts on what you need to know to make the best of your move to LA.

Los Angeles Housing Statistics and Costs

Whether you're in the market to buy a house or you're looking to rent, there's space in Los Angeles for anyone. Entry into the real estate market can be steep, as the average list price to purchase a home in the city is over $850,000. Renting a house costs, on average, about $3500 a month.

Renting an apartment in Los Angeles is significantly less expensive than renting a house. LA is usually more affordable than San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood, but is otherwise more expensive than the rest of California. An average rental price of around $2500 a month means that a single person with a roommate can expect to pay around $1250 on rent alone.

The most affordable neighborhoods in the city are Jefferson Park, Vermont Vista, Vermont Knolls, Glassell Park, El Sereno, and Cypress Park, all of which have average rents below $1500. One bright spot about living in LA is that utilities and internet access tend to be cheaper than they are in other big cities.

LA Communities

Santa Monica

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Home to one of the best beaches in California, Santa Monica is a great place to call home. There are eight neighborhoods within the Santa Monica area, and each one has its own style and personality. Whether you're looking for the hustle and bustle of a shopping district, the laid back beach vibe, or a home within walking distance of some of the best restaurants around, you'll find what you're looking for here. Make your move easy by exploring some of the self-storage facilities in Santa Monica, and see how we can help.

Beverly Hills

One of the most famous neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is a small, close-knit community that's full of beautiful architecture and some great places to call home. Whether you enjoy the arts, shopping, or fine dining, there's something for everyone. Check out our storage facilities in Beverly Hills and let us help you make a smooth transition to your new home.

West Hollywood

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The geographical and cultural heart of Los Angeles, West Hollywood is a great place to call home. WeHa, as it's known to the locals is packed with things to do and is a great location for singles, couples, and families. Enjoy hikes through Runyon Canyon, live music venues, beautiful old buildings, and a wide variety of places to eat. When you're ready to move to West Hollywood, come see us at one of our facilities and let us store your precious belongings.

These are just a few great neighborhoods that are full of character you'll find in Los Angeles.

Getting Around

When you're ready for a short getaway, San Francisco is just a short drive away. Spend some time visiting one of the many wineries and vineyards or enjoy one of the many museums and art galleries. San Diego is just a couple of hours drive away where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, cliffs, and parks.

Working in Los Angeles

There are over 5.5 million working people in LA. The average salary is about $38,000 per year, while the most popular job, retail worker, earns just under $22,000 per year. The job market in the city is predicted to grow in the coming years. Depending on your level of education, different careers deliver higher salaries and have the most openings.

For high school graduates, lucrative careers include computer user support specialists, pavers, glaziers, and flight attendants. Each of these jobs pays a median salary above $50,000 a year and does not require a college degree. Well-paying jobs that require only a certificate include licensed practical nurses and heating, air conditioning and refrigeration installers and mechanics.

For residents with college degrees, the opportunities are even more abundant. If you have an associates degree you can make over $75,000 a year as an MRI technologist, diagnostic medical sonographer, or respiratory therapist. The highest-growing career for job seekers with bachelor degrees is app developer, which pays about $112,000 a year and is predicted to have over 33% growth in the next few years. Highly educated individuals with masters' degrees or doctorates can find work as post-secondary educators in various fields.

Education in Los Angeles

Speaking of education, LA is full of opportunities for children and adults alike. Los Angeles is known for its large high schools that are famous throughout the country for the accomplishments of their students. These include the prestigious California Academy of Math and Science, which provides a technical-based curriculum to prepare the tech leaders of tomorrow. Other notable high schools are Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, and San Marino High School, which is notable for its athletic programs.

The diversity of the city is present in the local schools, whose student bodies represent virtually all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Families can choose from traditional public schools to private academies or more progressive charter schools. This tradition of academic excellence begins in pre-K and continues through to graduation. With the resources of such a large district to draw upon, children in this district have more opportunities than those from smaller cities and towns.

Los Angeles is the proud home to multiple colleges. The most famous of these is probably UCLA, which is known both for its academics as well as its sports teams, the Bruins. The average tuition after financial aid is $30,000 a year, and the graduation rate is 91%. The other most notable college in LA is USC, which is home to the Trojans. Yearly tuition at USC, after financial aid, is $14,000 a year and the graduation rate is 92%.

Getting around Los Angeles

If you've watched any movie or TV show set in Los Angeles, you've probably heard and seen jokes about driving on the local freeways. While they are sometimes exaggerations, the fact is that driving around the city takes some getting used to. The good news is that LA has many options for commuters to get around, including the expansive Metro bus line. Metro also maintains a rail system that provides an eco-friendly and economical alternative to passenger vehicles.

If you choose to drive, make sure you head out on the 101. This major highway offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and connects Los Angeles to the rest of the state. You can also check out neighboring cities, like scenic, upscale Santa Monica. The city is also just over two hours from Tijuana if you fancy a trip south of the border to Mexico.

Downtown LA is particularly friendly for bicyclists. It's flatter than San Francisco, and there are so many amenities that you're almost always close to somewhere that you need to be. If you find yourself needing to be somewhere faster or out of the normal Metro bus route, Los Angeles is covered by services such as Uber and Lyft, with drivers available to pick you up and drop you off almost anywhere.

Eating out in Los Angeles

With a history that includes settlement by the Spanish, and later Americans, followed by waves from other nations, LA has a rich, mixed culture. This blends to give downtown LA one of the most celebrated food scenes in the country, if not the world. New eateries pop up all the time, and they range from three-star fine dining in the upscale neighborhoods to delicious, affordable street food at the local taqueria. And if you ask the local Angelenos, they'll tell you that you can find some of the best sushi outside of Japan right here.

Things to do and see in downtown LA

This diversity also manifests in the city's dedication to the arts. With more museums per capita than any other city in the country, there's a place to find something to suit almost any taste. Or if music is more your thing, try seeing a symphony at the LA Phil, what Angelenos call the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. LA is also famous for its rock scene, an environment you can soak in at any of the dozens of clubs throughout the city.

Sports fanatics have a lot to love about downtown LA. This city is home to two teams in each of the largest major leagues, including at least one former champion in each sport. For basketball, there are the Clippers and the legendary Lakers. If you like football, you can catch a game with either the Chargers or the Rams. Baseball fans can watch the Angels or the Dodgers, while hockey lovers have the Ducks and the Kings. And don't forget soccer, LA boasts both Los Angeles FC and the LA Galaxy.

Due to its rich history, the city has grown to include unique sights that you just can't find anywhere else. Whether it's the splendor of Mann's Chinese theater or the image of the Hollywood sign sitting up in the hills, LA is unmistakable and beautiful. If you're looking for something that's both memorable and free, take a drive up to Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park. No matter if you're there for a sunset, a lunchtime break or to look at the stars, the view is breathtaking and unforgettable.

There's fun for your whole family in Los Angeles. The heart of downtown is only about half an hour away from the Disneyland theme park. Other amusement parks in the area include Universal Studios Hollywood and the more rustic Knott's Berry Farm. For a more inexpensive day out, take the kids for a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This literally star-studded attraction features sidewalk plaques commemorating some of Hollywood's most legendary figures.

Los Angeles healthcare

Full of gyms, parks, and bike trails, LA provides many places for Angelenos to take care of themselves. This commitment to your well-being goes beyond exercise. There are at least 119 licensed hospitals and some of the largest acute or psychiatric care facilities in the county. With so many resources available, you're always close to getting physical or mental care when you need it most.

Coming to LA

In the end, any move is a big deal. While Los Angeles offers its own unique challenges, it's also bursting with opportunity, whether it's a new career, a fine education, or an engaging culture. With the information from this guide, you now have the information you need to make an informed choice. So start looking for your next apartment or house, and when you're ready, take the leap. Once you do, you'll find CubeSmart locations nearby most LA neighborhoods waiting to help you to temporarily or permanently store your belongings, and help you stay organized during the move-in process and beyond.

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