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10 Modern Storage Furniture Pieces with Designer Appeal

One of the most challenging aspects of furnishing your home is finding the right furniture for your style and your personal belongings. Often, modern furniture looks very simple and minimalist, which doesn’t necessarily allow you to store much in it. However, some designers have been working to create storage furniture that is sleek and modern in appearance, while also offering clever and functional storage for all areas of your home.

1. Diamond bookcase
Everybody has seen the basic bookcases formed with open squares, but this concept gets a fresh new look when rotated 45 degrees. A diamond bookcase brings visual interest while still maximizing storage space. Books don’t need to be stored completely upright, and placing them in this angled bookcase helps keep shelves tidy and eliminates the need for bookends.
Source: Woodsmith Plans

2. Bench shoe cabinet
Homes that don’t have a formal entryway need to create space for shoes, coats, and purses without intruding on the rest of the hallway or room by the front door. A shoe cabinet that doubles as a small bench is an ideal way to have a crisp, clean look most of the time, along with easy access to shoes by pulling down the front of the cabinet. The bench is an ideal place to sit when putting on shoes.
Source: Decoist

3. Bookshelf chair
If you love books but don’t have space for a reading nook, a bookshelf chair is the perfect piece of modern furniture for you. It frames an upholstered bottom and back cushion with a bookcase built around and underneath it to hold as many books as a floor-to-ceiling bookcase several feet wide. An added perk is that when you finish your book, you don’t even need to stand up to get a new one.
Source: Owner Builder Network

4. Drawers under stairs
Space under your staircase is typically not used to its full potential, but sleek and modern drawers can change that. They allow you to access the full depth of space under your stairs. Some drawers can have fronts to hide all the contents, whereas others can look like a typical depth bookshelf from the front while actually hiding a drawer behind that shelf.

5. Roll-out island
Finding workspace and storage in a small kitchen can be tricky, but an island on wheels can help. It fits right into a slot in your regular kitchen cabinets, but then you can roll it out for an additional prep surface wherever you need it. Plus, it is easy to access items stored under the island by rolling it out, rather than having to dig through to the back of a regular kitchen cabinet.
Photo Cred: Charles Walton IV

6. Streamlined wall unit
Living room wall units have changed dramatically since standard TV sizes have gotten bigger. The best designs now have plenty of space for a large TV, while also providing lots of functional storage. A mix of minimalist open shelving and sleek storage cabinets provides visual interest and gives you flexibility in what you choose to store and display in your living room.
Photo Cred: Decoist

7. Nesting end table
When you’re tight on space, you may end up wanting to use storage space in your home to store infrequently used furniture. For example, your living room may be too small for you to leave end tables out all the time, but you want to make them available when guests are over. In this situation, choose a modern nesting end table that allows you to pull out two, or more, smaller end tables to set up when you need them.
Photo Cred: Eco Fusion Design

8. Bookworm shelf
Wall-mounted bookshelves make the most of vertical storage space, especially when mounted above another piece of furniture. The bookworm shelf is a unique piece of modern furniture because it is flexible and can be mounted in any shape you want. It is perfect for fitting into a tricky space in your home. The dividers along the curved shelf provide adequate support and balance for books when they aren't on a completely horizontal shelf.
Photo Cred: Bohemia Houghton

9. Tall shoe shelf
If you have lots of shoes (or lots of family members), a floor-to-ceiling shoe shelf may be the way to go. Tuck it into a corner and choose a shelf with doors to match your modern decor. Some shelves even have bottom cubbies that slide out to use as stairs to get to shoes on higher shelves.
Photo Cred: Antony Crolla

10. Storage ottoman
If you’re going to have an ottoman in your living room, you may as well have one with functional storage space inside. They are ideal for storing throw blankets, remote controls, board games, or whatever else you want to keep close at hand. Choosing an ottoman with cushions that you can flip and use as serving trays maximizes your modern furniture’s flexibility.
Photo Cred: WII C. Fry

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