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7 of the World's Weird and Wonderful Homes

A home shaped like a UFO. A home in between two boulders. A home that resembles a mushroom. These are just some of the world's strangest "houses" from around the world. Which one do you think would be the most fun to live in? Which one would you like to live in least? Tell us in the comments.

The House of Stone
Location: Fafe Mountains, Portugal
Architect/Designer: Unknown
Description: The House of Stone or "A Casa do Penedo," as it's known in Portugal, is rumored to be inspired by the popular cartoon the Flintstones. However, it does have some traditional modern elements such as glass windows, a shingled roof, and a front door.

Signal Mountain Space House
Location: Chattanooga, TN, USA
Architect/Designer: Unknown
Description: The Signal Mountain Space House is a large, saucer-shaped, one-story home elevated off the ground by six cement pillars. There is parking underneath and 2,000 sq. feet of living space that includes three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and a large open bar/entertainment area.

Leaf House
Location: Angra dos Reis, Brazil
Architect/Designer: Mareines + Patalano
Description: The Leaf House is essentially a giant flower with six petals serving as the roof. Each petal covers a different section of the home which has no hallways. A stream runs throughout the house and flows through to a pond in the backyard.

Mushroom House
Location: Cincinatti, OH
Architect/Designer: Terry Brown
Description: Architect Terry Brown is known for using shells, ceramics, metals, wood, and colored glass in his designs to mimic nature. In this home design, he uses light brown layered wood siding to create a structure that resembles a mushroom.

Keret House
Location: Wola, Poland
Architect/Designer: Jakub Szczęsny (Centrala)
Description: At its widest, the Keret House is 122 centimeters. It's squeezed into a crevice between two buildings in the center of Warsaw and is supposed to serve as a temporary home for travelling writers. See more photos here.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architect/Designer: Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica
Description: This house is also known as the Giant Seashell House. Characterized by smooth surfaces, spiral stairs, and natural plantings, being inside this home makes you feel like you're in a snail's shell. More photos here.

Steel House
Location: Lubbock, TX
Architect/Designer: Robert Bruno
Description: While most homes are built via blueprints and traditional construction planning, architect/designer Robert Bruno approached his home as if he was creating a sculpture; building on the fly and making modifications along the way. The structure is estimated to weigh approximately 110 tons and is elevated on four legs. The cantilevered design minimizes the structure's impact by not disrupting the earth as much as a typical house would.

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