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Boho Chic Décor Inspiration and Storage Ideas

Boho chic home décor describes a style that incorporates hippie and bohemian influences. While this style is popular with free spirits and artists, anyone who enjoys unstructured and unconventional design choices will appreciate boho chic décor. If you love bright colors, uncommon displays, and unique combinations of patterns, this is the style for you. Use the following guide for boho chic décor inspiration and useful storage ideas.

Bohemian Style Storage Ideas in the Bedroom

Bohemian chic décor blends beautifully in the bedroom when you want to create a relaxing and comfortable retreat. Fill bare and empty walls with whimsical artwork incorporating different textures and patterns. Don’t relegate your favorite art pieces to the main areas of the house. Bring them into the bedroom as well, so you can appreciate them during your quiet and personal time. You can also consider a large mural for your bedroom.

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When you’re thinking about storage options for your bedroom, scour antique stores and yard sales for intriguing dressers and armoires that tell their own story. Unlike other design styles, the furniture in boho chic doesn’t have to match. In fact, the more eclectic the pieces are, the better. You can even take plain pieces and change out the hardware and paint colors for something more your style. If you have bright and bold jewelry, don’t hide it away. Instead, consider open storage options such as hooks or bowls to make them part of your décor.

Little Touches for a Boho Living Room

Just like the bedroom, the living room is a great place to display unique pieces of art. Consider taking one wall and creating a collage of artwork that stretches from floor to ceiling. The living room is also the ideal place to play with bold colors. Choose bright, solid colors for your large pieces of furniture, such as the couch or loveseat, and then use the curtains, pillows, and rugs to mix and match patterns centered around the large furniture.

There are endless storage options in a boho chic living room. Choose an antique coffee table with open shelves underneath and use this area for crates and boxes to hold your belongings. On the bookshelf, balance out each shelf by displaying the small mementos you’ve collected over time. For extra storage space without losing the boho vibe, consider repurposing an old pallet or wooden barrel. Large barrels not only make perfect end tables, you can also use the space inside to store any number of items.

Boho Chic Kitchen Storage Ideas

While most kitchens are all about shiny surfaces, a boho chic kitchen adds some extra charm by incorporating unique textures and vintage pieces. You can mix and match colors on your cabinet doors so they stand out, and even change the hardware to antique crystal and porcelain knobs. Toss a bright and colorful rug in front of the sink to add some interest to the floor, and choose a lovely patterned tile for the backsplash.

Open shelving is very popular in bohemian-style kitchens. You can use this spot to showcase your collection of bright and colorful dishes, stack some old cookbooks, or get large urns that can hold pasta, coffee, cereal, or other dry goods. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to store your utensils, consider taking old tins and colorful cans and attaching them to the walls. They’re the perfect size to hold whisks, stirring spoons, spatulas, and more.

Ideas for the Dining Room

Bringing bohemian decorating ideas into the dining room is simple. The easiest place to start is at the dining table and chairs. Instead of getting all these pieces to match, choose a solid table, and then pick up different chairs to go around it. House plants also work very well in boho chic décor, so place a few in the corners to bring the look together.

Go Vintage for a Boho Chic Bathroom

Forget sterile and monochromatic bathrooms in your bohemian style house. Even this room can enjoy the splashes of color and texture that makes this décor style so popular. Vintage pieces look eye-catching in a boho chic bathroom, so consider changing out the mirrors, cabinet hardware, or lighting fixtures to something older and more elaborate.

When you’re considering boho storage ideas for the bathroom, old crates, wicker baskets, and fabric bins all make ideal solutions for holding extra towels, lotions, or anything else you need to keep in there. If your sink vanity has doors, consider removing them and hanging some bright fabric as a curtain. You can also do the same thing if you have a linen closet in the bathroom. With these tricks, you can add a beautiful pop of color and texture without sacrificing any storage space.

When you’re looking to bring some fun and funky style to your home, you can use these fun vintage décor ideas and storage solutions as a great starting point. Then simply incorporate your own favorite pieces and colors for a truly unique home.

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