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Christmas Decoration Ideas for Small Apartments

It’s exciting to decorate for Christmas! The build-up to the day that Santa arrives with his sleigh full of goodies is full of cheer and happiness. What better way to mark the occasion than to go crazy with the decorations? That is, unless you’re living in a small space and dealing with the challenges of turning what little available surface area you have into a festive free-for-all. Don’t fret; there are many ways with which to make your little home into a Christmas celebration. It just takes a little ingenuity to get it done.

Get a tiny Christmas tree

Christmas decorating idea for small apartment: tiny tree

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No Christmas is complete without a tree to put presents under. But if your home is too small to fit a tree, you can always get creative. One of the ways you can get your small space Christmas decorating done is to get yourself a tabletop-sized Christmas tree. These are usually two to three feet in height and fit perfectly on a table without taking up a lot of room. And if you’re able to buy one with lights already installed, you’re ahead of the game.

If you don’t have the space to keep an artificial Christmas tree after the season ends, think about renting a storage unit or make your own craft tree. Tack string onto the wall in the shape of a tree and hang ornaments from the string, or tape them to the wall. Turn a piece of poster board into a cone shape and decorate it with patterned paper. Maybe finish it off with some cord or fancy trim as a garland. Use your odd pieces to create the trunk and stand for the tree. Make sure to leave some space for presents underneath!

Save space by using vertical surfaces

One of the challenges that come with Christmas decorating in a small apartment is a lack of space. You might only have a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom with not a lot of room for tables. It’s time to go up the walls and take advantage of the space there.
A simple but effective tip is to cover the walls with wrapping paper. You probably want to do up one wall as covering all of them might get a little too much. Or cut out bits of wrapping paper in Christmas shapes such as Santa, the sleigh, a Christmas tree, and maybe some bells, then tack them to the wall. It’s a fun DIY activity that gets your space looking a lot like Christmas in a flash.
If the wrapping paper idea is too much, use the space to hang Christmas cards or photographs of Christmases past. This is also a wonderful way to bring out photos that you might not otherwise have a reason to show off. Create a Christmas tree outline from the cards or hang them randomly to fill the space and give the eye a challenge to take in all of the images.
Don’t forget the ceiling as a place to hang garland from. Drape garland from corner to corner, then tack it in the center and put up a sprig of mistletoe if you’re so inclined. Add in a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year banner to one wall as a way of filling up space.

Use the front door to decorate

The front door is another vertical surface, but it’s one that you won’t see unless you’re coming and going. But you can use it as a billboard to show passersby that you take your Christmas decorations for small spaces seriously. Go beyond the traditional wreath here and think outside the box by turning the door into the box. Take a wide ribbon and literally wrap the door with a bow. Put one ribbon on the vertical, another on the horizontal, and stick a large bow in the center.
Another way to create Christmas decorations for small apartments can be to take some long johns in a size that Santa might wear and hang them on the door. It’s a cheeky way to suggest that Santa lives there and is hanging out his underwear to dry. Or take the jacket from the suit and hang it up on a hook. If you don’t want to leave something physical for people to mess with, get a life-size print out made and put it on the door instead. This idea lends itself to several different interpretations including Santa’s reindeer, Mrs. Claus, or maybe hang up a few elf jackets. It’s a fun and playful way to show off your Christmas spirit.
Christmas decorating in a small apartment doesn’t have to mean that you’re left out of the celebrations. Go ahead and give yourself permission to decorate every available space with lights, a tree, pictures, and random decorations. After all, it only comes once a year, but you’ll have fun along the way with memories for a lifetime afterward.

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