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Hidden Kitchen Storage Space in Plain Sight

Sometimes it takes some outside the cabinet thinking to make sure you have enough storage in your kitchen. There are areas in the kitchen that may not have traditionally been thought of as storage space. These hidden kitchen storage spaces are the key to successfully combining households, incorporating traditional wedding gifts, trying to make the most out of a small kitchen, or streamlining the space you do have. But at no other time of year does some extra room in the kitchen become imperative than during the holiday season. From tips to make room in your refrigerator in a previous article to little nooks and creative use of surfaces, these ideas are sure to provide you some much-needed storage space.

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This idea is truly hidden. Camouflaged in the backsplash above the faucet is a little ledge to store your soap, sponge, scrubber or any other kitchen knickknack that will keep the counter space around the sink clear from clutter.

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Floating shelves in the kitchen not only add style and are super attractive, but they are also great for storage. However, forgetting to use the space underneath the shelf is common. Use that space to hang mugs or measuring utensils to free up space in the cabinet or drawer space.

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If your shelves are positioned higher on the wall leaving you with some space to work with between the counter top and the bottom of the cabinet, why not add a shelf in between? This provides another surface to store items that is off the counter.

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Increase storage space in cabinets by moving items out and storing them elsewhere. Get rid of old coupons, flyers, and birthday invitations to make room for your spice cabinet. Magnetize your spice containers and store them on the refrigerator door. They are now easily accessible and look nicely organized.

Make extra room in the pantry by taking some of the dry goods staples and storing them in floating mason jars underneath cabinets or shelving. You can consider his a different take on “open shelving”.

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There is space hiding at your feet in the kitchen that can do more than just collect crumbs and dust bunnies. The kickboards that the bottom cabinets have can be turned into drawers to store platters, casserole dishes and other seldom used items.

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Having deep kitchen drawers is a big perk because you can add another layer of storage with an internal pull-out drawer such as the one pictured. Double-decker drawers allow for double the kitchen storage.

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Use the vertical flat surfaces in your kitchen to increase existing storage space as well as create additional storage space. Lids always seem to get in the way of storing pots neatly in a cabinet. Pots take up the least amount of room with they are nested. By adding a rack or two to the inside of the cabinet door, you can store the lids in a way that allows you to store pots inside of each other like a Russian doll.

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Store your favorite cooking magazines, frequently used cookbooks, or even baking sheets in a magazine rack that has been affixed to the side of your cabinets. This vertical surface is often overlooked as potential kitchen storage space.

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Adding adhesive hooks to hang items on vertical surfaces such as a backsplash or side of a cabinet offers a not so permanent kitchen storage solution that also helps to keep the space organized. The heavy duty adhesive hooks can handle heavier items while the smaller ones take care of the items that may get lost in drawers.

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Your kitchen may not be too small for a pot rack. If you have space between cabinets over a sink or anywhere else, install a rod and add some s-hooks to hang your pots and pans. It will free up valuable storage space in a small kitchen and keep pots and pans easily accessible.

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Rethink the possibilities for an awkward corner in your kitchen. If it’s not quite the right size or shape for a cabinet, consider installing some corner shelving to get the most storage space you can get out of that corner.

What do you think? Did we miss any hiding spots? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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