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Modern Décor Tips and Storage Hacks

Modern style décor is known for its simple and clean lines and styles. If you hate clutter and like your design as minimal and functional as possible, then modern décor is for you. Even though modern and contemporary are two terms people often use interchangeably, modern décor refers to a style created between 1920 and 1950, while contemporary refers to a style that’s popular now. This guide will offer storage ideas and décor tips to help you bring modern decorating ideas to your home.

Creating a Modern Living Room

modern style decor living room
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Modern décor is all about keeping things simple but that doesn’t mean you have to have a minimalist approach to design. Choose pieces so you have enough room for sitting and storage, but make sure you’re not overcrowding the room. Silver accents in a mirror, coffee table legs, or even the fireplace screen can add a touch of elegance to your room. Don’t be afraid to go with an all-white living room either. You can prevent it from feeling cold and sterile by adding different textures with rugs, curtains, and throws.
Since one of the key components in modern home décor is a clean and uncluttered room, storage solutions are essential for this design. Look for coffee tables, console tables, and end tables with drawers and open space for storage baskets and bins. Floating shelves are also very popular in modern style décor. Just make sure you keep the displays simple and neat.

The Perfect Modern Kitchen

Most people dream about an open and spacious kitchen, and it’s actually an easy design to achieve with the right modern room décor. Many modern kitchens stick with basic and neutral colors such as white, black, and brown. The clean and smooth lines in marble make this an ideal choice for countertops, and you can run it up the wall as a backsplash as well. You can even incorporate wood into your modern kitchen when you pair it with marble. Light fixtures in a modern kitchen are also simple in appearance.
Part of the modern home décor design includes plenty of working space where everything is within easy reach. To get this look, make sure you’re using all your cabinet space efficiently so everything fits inside. You add shelves, pull out racks, trays, and other accessories to maximize the amount of storage space you have in your cabinets. Like modern living rooms, open shelves are popular choices in modern kitchens, as long as you keep them clean and simple.

Designing a Modern Style Bedroom

If you want to make your bedroom a relaxing retreat, consider using a few of these modern decorating tips to create a space you’ll look forward to coming home to. While modern design tends to stick to neutral shades, if you’d like to add a pop of color to your bedroom, consider retro colors such as robin egg blue or dark yellow. To keep your room feeling light and open, look for clear acrylic furniture that will tie in nicely.
Modern storage ideas in the bedroom can help you keep all your clothes put away for a calm room. Look for dressers with clean lines and simple colors. Additionally, try to keep all your furniture as close to the same color as possible for a cohesive look. Underbed storage boxes, whether built-in or separate from the bed, help you use otherwise empty space and offer the perfect place to store extra clothing.

Bringing Modern Design for the Bathroom

With smooth angles and geometric patterns, it’s easy to bring modern room designs into the bathroom. Even though these design ideas work well for both small and large bathrooms, they’re even better for tiny bathrooms where you need to maximize size. Since modern bathrooms use contrasting white and black as the base colors, unique patterns such as herringbone and chevron add visual interest to the room. Like other bathrooms, you’ll find glass, stone, wood, slate, and ceramic materials in a modern bathroom.
Storage is important in any bathroom, and modern bathrooms have plenty of storage options. One of the best solutions is a cabinet with sleek angles and smooth lines. Inside, you’ll get shelves and drawers to keep everything off your counters. If you have a slim pedestal sink with no room for storage underneath, install a few floating shelves where you can keep baskets or bins to store your items.

A Modern Home Office

Even if your home office is small, you can still pack it with plenty of modern style. Look for a desk and chair made from quality wood that has the flowing lines popular in modern design. Additionally, a bookshelf can double as efficient modern storage space and a place to display a few pieces of art.
If you love the clean and smooth look of modern décor, you can use these tips and tricks to incorporate the designs and storage solutions in your home.

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