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Small Space Furniture Hacks

Typically furniture is designed for large homes, where you have room for that oversized sofa and loveseat and chair set, or a full dining table and chair set. When you're living in a "cozy" apartment or home, you will suddenly find yourself needing to hunt down clever furniture for small spaces so you can make the most of the square footage you have. If you will only be in the small space for a while, use a self-storage facility to keep any items you love that you can't fit into your tiny home.

Living room furniture for small spaces
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A small living room does not have to feel cramped, but it's your job to choose the right furniture for the space. Limit the total number of items you put in your living room, and keep them flexible so you can use them in a variety of ways.

  • Choose petite sized furniture as your main pieces, perhaps opting for a loveseat and a couple antique armchairs instead of the full-sized living room set. If you want seating on two walls, consider an L-shaped sectional to squeeze one extra seat into the corner rather than having dead space.
  • Make the most of each piece of furniture to maximize your storage. Choose a coffee table with hidden storage underneath, or storage ottomans that can be used as extra seating when needed.
  • Ditch the entertainment center and instead mount your television on the wall and install wall-mounted shelving below or next to it to hold all the peripheral electronics. Then you can use the floor space under the television for other types of storage.

Dining room furniture hacks
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Chances are, you laughed when you saw the phrase "dining room" because you don't actually have one. Many small spaces eliminate this room entirely, which can leave you scrambling when you want to sit down for a meal, whether on your own or with guests over. Try some of these small space furniture ideas to create a dining room when you need one:

  • Get a coffee table with a tabletop that that pulls up and closer to the couch to turn your living room into a very comfortable dining room. This can make an especially cozy seating arrangement if you have an L-shaped couch and a quarter circle coffee table that nestles into the corner.
  • Construct a folding table that actually folds down from the wall and looks like a framed picture when it's folded up. A few comfortable folding chairs can tuck easily into a closet and come out when you need them, or use nesting stools instead of chairs.
  • Get clever small space furniture, like a shelving unit that has a built-in dining set for four nestled between the compartments in the bookshelf. Just pull it down when you have guests and slip it right back up to free your floor space after they leave.

Small bedroom furniture strategies
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Your bedroom should be a serene and restful space, but when you live in a tiny home, it probably isn't actually much of a space at all. These small bedroom ideas can help you maximize your square footage and keep the room looking and feeling tidy.

  • Opt for a loft bed, which is one of the best kinds of furniture for small spaces. This allows you to tuck seating, storage, or a desk underneath where you sleep. If your bedroom has tall ceilings, you can buy or construct an extra-tall loft bed so you actually have space to stand up underneath it, which makes the bedroom feel much more spacious.
  • Choose a tall dresser rather than a long one to limit the amount of floor space it takes up. Or, if you happen to have a large closet, put a low dresser in that closet so you don't need one in the main part of your bedroom at all. Just make sure to leave enough hanging space in the closet for your full-length articles of clothing.
  • Install casters on durable low storage bins (or even drawers from an old dresser) to create your own under-bed storage that is very easy to pull out when you need to access it.

Studio apartment furniture hacks
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When you're in a studio apartment, the spaces all blend together so much that you really need to have multipurpose furniture if you're going to be able to do everything you want in the space.

  • Invest in a murphy bed, which pulls down from the wall and folds right back up easily when you need the floor space. Some of the best ones even come with a couch that is nestled underneath the bed, giving you instant seating when you fold it back up.
  • Use an open cube-style bookshelf as a room divider if you want to create the distinction between two spaces. Many of these shelves are deep enough to fit books on both sides. Alternately, you can fit them with fabric bins that have handles on both sides so you can access items from whichever side you are on.
  • If you choose to have both a sofa and a bed, put the sofa directly at the foot of your bed. You never really climb onto the bed from the foot anyway, and this layout can open up a lot more options for arranging your other furniture.

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