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Top 8 Faux Fur Furniture Choices That Will Impress

Faux fur looks great in any home, from classic and traditional rooms to retro, vintage, or glamorous spaces. Real fur is controversial and encourages animal cruelty, but faux fur comes from synthetic materials that mimic the real thing. Anybody can enjoy faux fur.

In addition to helping the environment, faux fur can add texture, color, and warmth to your space. While you should use it sparingly to avoid overwhelming the senses, you can add a faux fur piece to just about any room in the house. If you’re not sure how to incorporate fur into your home, consider these eight suggestions.

Cozy Chairs

Faux fur chair covers give your guests’ rear ends a welcome surprise when everyone gathers around the dining table. These covers are usually designed to spill over the chairs’ edges, so they cushion the thighs as well as the rear. Plus, they retain warmth on cold winter days. Don’t neglect other chairs in your home, either. Faux fur chair throws look great on recliners and easy chairs. You might also consider faux fur desk chairs for added warmth and comfort while you work.

Soft Faux Fur Rugs

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Hardwood, laminate, and tile floors look great, but they can seem cold and bare in certain rooms. To bring more warmth into your space, add a faux fur rug. They’re great for living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms because they cushion the feet and warm the body. Plus, they can serve as beautiful focal points in the space.

You can also layer faux fur rugs on top of other rugs, such as sisal and bamboo. You’ll create a cohesive seating area, for instance, if you surround layered rugs with cozy chairs and couches.

Add a Faux Fur Throw to Your Bed

If you love crawling into a layered, cozy bed with lots of pillows and throws, consider topping off the ensemble with a faux fur blanket. You can leave it at the end of the bed during summer to avoid getting hot; then pull it up to your neck in the winter for extra warmth. Turn down the thermostat a few extra degrees to save on heat, because you’ll feel perfectly snug under a faux fur throw.

Update Dining Benches with Luxurious Cushions

Benches have come back in style in a big way. They look great when stretched alongside a dining table, even when they’re adjacent with chairs. You can fit more people at the table and create a sense of more space with benches. However, since these furniture pieces can seem hard and uninviting, spreading a faux fur cover over them will become a welcome addition to the space.

Faux fur covers look beautiful on benches because they balance out the hard surface and sharp angles. Select a white fur if you want a touch of glam, or go with a darker color to hide crumbs and stains.

Cover Couches and Loveseats with Faux Fur Pillows

Add faux fur chair throws to your larger furniture, as well. They might drape casually over a corner of the couch, for example, or add extra warmth and comfort to a loveseat cushion. You and your family members can bundle up in front of the television on chilly winter days.

Alternatively, add faux fur pillows to your living room furniture. They’re comfortable and chic, and they add texture to any space, especially if you have leather furniture. Faux fur couch covers can even add a contrasting accent to a man cave.

Faux Fur Stools and Ottomans

Whether you love to entertain or you need something for the foot of your bed, stools and ottomans offer extra seating without taking up much space. Put stools along your kitchen bar, for instance, so guests can chat with you while you cook. Alternatively, add a couple of ottomans to the living room. They won’t block the television, but they’ll create a comfortable conversational area when you have guests or family over.

Dress up both stools and ottomans with faux fur covers. Alternatively, buy ottomans made with faux fur so that you don’t have to constantly reposition the covers. Either way, your home will get a dose of texture and style. Plus, you won’t have to spend much money.

Mantelpieces: Faux Fur Christmas Décor

You can also find nontraditional ways to use faux fur. If you love to decorate your mantelpiece for the season, start with a small strip of faux fur. It offers the textural equivalent of garland, but it’s an unexpected touch that will wow your guests. On top of the fur, layer candlesticks, birch logs, photo frames, artwork, and anything else you want to add.

Add Texture with Faux Fur Beanbag Chairs

Believe it or not, these ’70s staples have come back in style. However, they’ve received upgrades, especially with regard to the outer material. Faux fur-covered bean bag chairs can create a cozy reading nook in your home or offer extra seating in your living area.

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