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5 DIY Christmas Door Decorations

Your front door is a perfect place to start when decorating for Christmas. Even if you don't want to string lights in your yard, you can still display a festive and welcoming touch right on your front door. Christmas door decorations spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood and welcome guests arriving at your home during December. The best part is that you can make lots of Christmas decorations for your door on your own!

1. Fresh Christmas Wreath
Wreath | Christmas Door Decorations
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You don't have to spend money on fresh Christmas wreaths for your front door this year. They are actually really easy to make on your own with clippings from evergreen trees. If you buy a live tree, just use the lowest branches that need to be clipped off anyway to fit in the stand. Alternately, you can go to a location that sells Christmas trees and ask for some of the clippings. If you have evergreen trees in your yard, those also make the perfect materials for DIY Christmas wreaths.

Even if you have never learned how to make Christmas wreaths, this is a project you can do on your own. Start with a round base of any kind. If you have a basic wreath base from a craft store, use it. If not, it's easy to twist strong wire (like from a coat hanger) into a circle to act as the base. Then grab a small bouquet of greenery, line it up so the stems are together, and place the stems on your base. Wrap twine tightly around the stems to secure it to the base. Then repeat the process, putting the tips of the second bunch of greenery over the stems of the first. Work your way around the wreath and tuck the stems for the last bunch under the tips of the first. Then decorate your wreath with ribbon, ornaments, pine cones, or a big red bow before hanging it on your door.

2. Stocking of Goodies
Stocking | Christmas Door Decorations
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Who says that Christmas stockings need to be hung on the mantel? Plus, if you're like most people, you probably have an extra stocking or two hanging out in the boxes of Christmas decorations you got out of storage this month. Hang a stocking on your front door as a simple container for a festive Christmas door decoration. It's really up to you what to put into the stocking as decoration. Evergreen clippings bring a fresh look to your front door and are easy to stick into the stocking. Candy canes can add a whimsical touch (and provide a sweet treat if you ever feel like you need one on the way out the door). A plush animal sticking out the top of the stocking is always adorable, especially if you have kids.

3. Wrapped Gift
 | Christmas Door Decorations
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One roll of wide ribbon can instantly transform any door into an easy Christmas decoration, especially if your door is painted an interesting color. Just think of your front door as a Christmas present, and display the ribbon on it as you would on any present you are giving this year. Cut two pieces of ribbon, one to go horizontally and the other vertically. Each should be a little larger than your door so you can wrap it around the edges and tape it securely in place. Experiment with their positioning, depending on the design of your door. An asymmetrical look can be more pleasing than having them cross right in the middle of your door. Finish your simple Christmas decoration by looping some of the remaining ribbon into a large bow and securing it at the intersection of the ribbons.

4. Framed Display
Frame | Christmas Door Decorations
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A very simple Christmas door decoration suddenly becomes much more interesting if you frame it to draw the eye. You can even use what's already on your door, like a door knocker or your house number, as the focal point inside your frame. Use any type of picture frame, but if it is an old one that looks a little beat up, consider a fresh coat of spray paint to give it new life. Hang the picture frame on your door and then create a simple display inside it. One easy option is to tie ornaments and pine cones to ribbons and tie them to the top of the frame.

5. Christmas Door Swag
Door Swag | Christmas Door Decorations
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If making Christmas wreaths feels intimidating to you, it's easy to get a similar effect with much less work. Rather than forcing the greenery into a wreath shape, just let it be a freeform display. Gather an assortment of evergreen clippings and arrange them with their stems together, just like you would with a bouquet of flowers. You will be hanging it with the cut ends up, so keep this in mind as you visually arrange the bouquet. Use string or floral wire to tie the stems together, looping it through some of the branch junctions to provide additional support and keep branches from slipping down when you hang it. Then decorate the display with a bow at the top and ribbon holding up a few ornaments or pine cones at varying heights.

Do you have any favorite Christmas door decorations you bring out during the season, or have you seen one on a neighbor’s door that you like?

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