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10 Best Valentine DIYs to Try

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on and for some people, that means the perfect opportunity to show the very special people in their life just how much they mean. But if you’re tired of the idea of the same-old, store bought items, don’t fret. Get a little crafty this year and make something from the heart!

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’re here to help. We gathered up 10 of the best Valentine DIY’s you can make to show your dearly beloved just how much they mean to you.

1. A Book of Love

book of couples and flowers on table
Image via Blurb.com

Put your Instagram and Facebook photos to good use by creating a photo book of your favorite moments with your favorite person. For an ultra romantic idea, include the story – from your perspective – of how you met or when you fell in love to complement the photos. Did you find the way to their heart through their stomach? Get the cookbooks out of storage and create a book that has the recipes for all their favorite meals and promise to make them for your sweetie.

2. Photo Blocks

Image via Instructables.com

Look back on the building blocks of your love with photo blocks that show all the sides to your relationship. It’s even better if you include some of those silly pictures your sweetie thought they saw the last of! You can scale this idea to make the blocks bigger or have more blocks with more photos. If the kiddos are looking to get involved, this is the perfect craft that will help them put their loving touch on a gift that will be cherished forever.  Your nearest DIY home renovation store will probably help cut the blocks of wood for you.

3. Love Fortunes

Image via Unsophisticook

Hide messages of love and appreciation wrapped in lovely printed paper in the shape of a fortune cookie. Show them how fortunate you are to have them in your life after a nice dinner. Or better yet, cook them a nice homemade meal. Bring these out with dessert. It will be a lovely keepsake to remember the evening.

4. Plant the Seed of Love

DIY-Valentine-heart garden
Image via The Dating Divas

Create a heart garden in your yard or walkway with sweetheart flowers. Imagine coming home from a long day at work, or from a busy day running errands, and seeing these blooming in your yard. You can’t help but feel all the warm and fuzziness. Leave these guys up for a little while and make the neighbors jealous of your love.

5. Not the Typical Valentine Balloon

Image via Somewhat Simple

The perfect gift to float to friends, family, or a significant other. “How do I love thee?” Let me count the…balloons. Attach messages to the bottom of the strings of the balloons and create a pathway of floating balloons all the way to the next surprise.

6. A Valentine That Really Pops

Image via Song of Style

You’ve heard of confetti eggs. This is a confetti balloon with an added bonus of a secret message inside that can only be retrieved if you pop the balloon. You can dress this up to be really special or make it as simple as you like. It’s a fun idea for friends and family, and it’s even better if they don’t like a mess. Make Valentine’s Day really pop!

7. Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Image via Living Well Spending Less 

A valentine that not only warms the hands, but also the cockles of their heart. Simple to make and costs almost nothing, these DIY hand warmers are the perfect way to show your loved ones just how crafty and creative you are. When the temperature’s frigid, their hands (and their hearts) will be nice and toasty.

8. Cupid’s Arrow

Image via Momdot

If you want to make the little ones feel special, these pencils decorated like Cupid’s arrow will sure delight. They’ll feel the love when they’re at school and they’ll brag feverishly about their one-of-a-kind writing tool. Especially with the popularity of archery heroines like Katniss from The Hunger Games and Merida from Brave.

9. Sweet Tooth Valentine

Image via Creative Candy Designs Paris Texas

Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate for someone with a sweet tooth. Forget spending tons of money on an impersonal candy bouquet. Create your own that your sweetie is sure to love – because it’ll have all their favorites! A super sweet DIY filled with love. Intersperse paper flowers or real flowers for some added flare.

10. Everlasting Roses

Image via Instructables

Fresh roses are a beautiful way to express your love. But what if you give your sweetie the ultimate rose bouquet, one that never dies? If you don’t know origami, start learning it now. All the fruits of your labor will come together for a thoughtful, everlasting gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Have you seen any especially unique valentine DIYs that should be added to this list? How about an idea you have?

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