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DIY Hacks for Festival Season

Festival season has arrived, which means costumes, finger foods, and lots of sunscreen. Whether you’re interested in heavy metal or country and western, you don’t have to hit the stores in preparation for your favorite music festivals. Instead, try some of these DIY projects to inspire your creativity and take some of the weight off your wallet.

Make Your Own Sun Hat


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The sun becomes enemy number one at most festivals because you can’t easily escape it. Unless you plan to stand under the limbs of a giant oak tree for the entire event, you’ll need a hat to shield your face from the sun’s rays. You can use folded strips of paper and decoupage medium to weave a hat like you would a basket. Another idea is to use your old tickets from previous festivals for the craft.

If you’re hoping to make more sophisticated festival clothing, sew together a reversible sun hat. Use outdoor fabric to make your hat more durable and less vulnerable to rain and other inclement weather. To ensure you never lose your sun hat, use thread or shoelaces and glue to create an under-chin strap that will prevent the hat from blowing away if the wind happens to pick up.

Add a Cushion to Your Festival Gear


Nobody likes to sit down on the hard ground between festival events. You’re already tired from walking around all day, so bring a cushion with you to ensure comfort when you’re ready to sit down. You don’t have to buy a cushion, however, to be comfortable at the next festival.

For instance, if you’ve given up on yoga entirely, pull your mat out of the closet and cut it down to cushion size. Fold it up in your festival bag and pull it out when you need a clean and slightly soft place to sit. You can even double up the mat and glue it together to get a deeper cushion.

You could also cover a square of pillow foam or filler with outdoor fabric. All you need are scissors, thread, and a sewing machine. If you don’t have the latter, a needle will work in a pinch — it’ll just take a little more time. When you’re not anticipating rain, you can even use fabric glue as a quick solution that doesn’t require any sewing skills.

Upcycle an Old T-Shirt into A Fringe Tassel T-Shirt


DIY festival clothes don’t just help you save money. They also allow you to put your personal stamp on your wardrobe and create something that nobody else at the festival will have. A fringe tassel tee makes a statement while providing you with a cool and comfortable shirt to wear.

Simply cut an even number of strips from the bottom of the tee. Working with adjacent strips, tie knots all the way around, then start the process over again with the next set of strips. You can tie as many knots as you want, leaving the excess to hang as fringe.

For an extra dose of flair, insert colorful beads above each knot. You can also make the strips different lengths. For instance, maybe you want to make the sides shorter than the center. If you fall in love with fringe, consider giving your tee’s sleeves the same treatment. You’ll have unique festival clothing that will help make up for the extreme heat.

Embellish Your Shoes


Some of the best festival hacks involve improving your existing gear. For instance, maybe you have a pair of comfortable sandals that you know you want to wear, but they’re a little lacking in originality and style. Consider embellishing them with beads, ribbon, rhinestones, and other crafty elements.

You can also add more security to a pair of flip-flops with a few strips of T-shirt fabric. Cut up the tee, then attach the strips with glue or staples to create ankle straps. You’ll find yourself less likely to slip out of your shoes.

Add Style to Fanny Packs


If you love a fanny pack’s practicality, but you’re not impressed with the style, embrace the fanny pack and add your own unique touches. Fringe, beads, and other embellishments will turn this summer vacation staple into a work of art. Look for a model in black or some other neutral shade so you’re not constrained by color.

You can also make your own fanny pack with a clutch or similar small bag. Sew leather or nylon straps to each side so your bag can fit snugly on your hip.

As festival season gets in gear, dive into your closets and other storage to find items you already own and can upcycle to make the next event more memorable (and easier on your bank account).

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