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10 Super Manly DIY Projects

Do you go running for your mancave when you hear the word ‘crafts'? Can Pinterest how-tos with pastels, yarn, flowers, and papier mache make you scream? Don't worry, we've got you covered! These days, crafting and DIY can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their gender or interests. Give a few of these excellent manly DIY tutorials a spin; you'll be amazed by how satisfying it is to have something you made with your own hands.

Paracord Jump Rope
Paracord Jumprope | Manly DIY Projects
Via Paracord Guild
Motivate yourself to keep with your fitness resolutions by making your own jump rope out of paracord. When you've invested time and energy into putting something together, using it becomes that much more satisfying.

DIY Soap
DIY Soap | Manly DIY Projects
Via Art of Manliness
Soap making isn't restricted to frilly rose-scented seashells in guest bathrooms. You can put together your own totally useful bars without too much effort, and even change up the scents or textures to customize them into your ideal blend. Soaps also make a great gift – consider doing a his and hers set of scents, or theming them after a holiday.

Homemade Candles
DIY Candle | Manly DIY Projects
Via Art of Manliness
On the same note, candles are the ideal tool for setting a romantic mood or just chilling out in the evening. If you make your own, you can customize the scents and colors too. If you really want to impress the lady in your life this Valentine's Day, make up a batch of her favorite scent as well.

Bacon Candle | Manly DIY Projects
Via DIY Joy
Or, reserve the grease from frying up bacon and turn it into a candle. Your house will always smell like it's nearly breakfast time.

Lawn Games
Washer Game | Manly DIY Projects Rolle Bolle | Manly DIY Projects
Via Amusing MJ & The New Hobbyist
Instead of going out and buying a lawn game to play at your tailgate party or backyard barbeque, impress everyone by making your own. These clever, simple games are fun for all ages and are sure to be a hit at your next party.

DIY Chairs
Paracord Chair | Manly DIY Projects Homemade Stool | Manly DIY Projects
Via Instructables & Design Sponge
Festivals with lawn seating can be a headache of trying to figure out which camping chair or blanket is yours. Instead of struggling, know for sure which is yours by making your own seat to take along on any outdoor adventure. If you're not planning to go out hiking and camping any time soon, they're just as good for chilling out in the backyard.

Belt Shelf
Belt Shelf | Manly DIY Projects
Via Blue i Style
If you have old belts that you don't wear anymore, don't throw them out. Instead, turn them into sturdy straps for hanging these rustic-looking shelves, perfect for storing all of your favorite knick-knacks and books. These would look great in the living room, a mancave, or a little boy's bedroom.

Graphic Coasters
Beer Coasters | Manly DIY Projects
Via Post Grad Crafting
Even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body, you can still put together a set of drink coasters without much effort. They're stylish, and the surfaces around your house will thank you. Try using old posters, soda boxes, or your children's artwork for the design on top if beer logos aren't your thing.

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