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10 Pallet Projects for All DIYers

What's trending in DIY and design? Pallet projects. To the recycler's glee, Pinterest and design blogs have been blowing up with ideas to repurpose unused wooden pallets–and for good reason. Not only are these projects a great way to recycle wood and save trees, but the projects are doable for all levels of DIYers. Best of all—pallets are super cheap or even free.

Pallets come in all different styles and sizes, so once you set your mind on a specific project, search for the right pallet to get the job done. Businesses large and small are oftentimes trying to get rid of pallets, so we suggest asking pet supply stores, furniture stores, newspaper companies, and construction sites if they're willing to sell the pallets to you for cheap, or maybe even give them to you for free. If you're really stuck, there are many options to purchase pallets online. These websites will also give you a clear idea of the different styles and sizes.

Traditionally, pallets are made of recycled wood or, at the very least, unfinished new wood. Before starting a project, make sure to purchase and test out your stain or paint.

Pro tip: use sand paper after painting to get that cool, distressed look of so many pallet projects.

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Image Via 1001pallets

We love pallet projects because they range from super easy to more advanced, satisfying any DIYer's desire to create. Check out our projects organized by difficulty below.

Beginner Pallet Projects

But first, coffee. Add hooks and cute script to a small pallet for easy mug organization.

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Image Via The Whoot

Stop wining about space-saving wine bottle and glass storage. Flip the pallet upside down and saw slots for the stems to slide into.

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Image Via Neatologie.com

Deck the walls with deconstructed & stained (or painted) pallets for an intriguing focal wall.

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Follow the wooden pallet road. Deconstruct your pallet and stain with an exterior wood finish.

Intermediate Pallet Projects

Get your nose in a book with this pallet bookshelf. Break the pallet apart, and then nail back together at different spots to create this interesting look.

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Image Via Woo Home

Stack two pallets on top of each other and screw on wheels for a movable coffee table with storage. Here's where our pro tip from before comes in for creating that vintage look!

Shelf your shoes to eliminate the chaos in your mud room or entryway. Remove a few of the inner slats of the pallet to make room for boots, too.

Advanced Pallet Projects

Be it indoor or outside, this pallet bar is perfect for entertaining guests. With the money you’ll save building a bar from pallets, you can stock up on all of the best beverages.

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Image Via Stock Pallets

Baby-proofing can be stylish too! Use the planks in a pallet and a door hinge set from any hardware store to build this stylish and functional baby (or pet!) gate.

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Image Via Pinterest

Elevate your bedroom style by using pallets as a bed frame and platform. Place stringed lights underneath for an even cozier sleep.

Did that just barely whet your pallet? Check out these 8 upcycled pallet storage projects, or post below about a pallet project you’ve conquered.

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