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Unscrambling Scrabble Décor for Your Home

April 13th is Scrabble Day, a celebration of that decades-old old board game you probably came across while cleaning out a closet or game cabinet in your home. If it’s been awhile since you dusted off your Scrabble tiles, don't toss out this classic game! There are plenty of fun ways to upcycle those universally letter pieces. Here are 8 ways to turn Scrabble pieces into fun home décor.

1. Coasters or Pot Holders
Protect your tables and counters by using spare Scrabble tiles to create coasters or pot holders. If you are feeling particularly creative, use the tiles to create inspirational quotations or sayings. IntimateWeddings.com shows you how to create this crafty project for your home.

Image via Odde.com

2. Magnets
Never wonder if the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty or clean using this smart DIY project from Etsy user, Recycling Time. You could also use the tiles as quick reminders for what you need to pick up at the grocery store. All you need to craft this smart idea is excess tiles and magnetic adhesive squares. Apply the magnet to the back of the tile and you're done!

Image via Recycling Time on Etsy

3. Frames or Décor
Give frames, or your favorite pieces, a personalized touch by using the tiles to spell out your, or a family member's name.

Image via Housewife Eeclectic

4. Seasonal Ornaments
You may not want to "let it snow" now but you could used excess Scrabble tiles to celebrate the beauty of spring. Whatever idea you choose, these tiles can be used as a smart way to decorate your home throughout the four seasons. A Night Owl Blog shows you how.

Image via A Night Owl Blog

5. Personalized Glasses
With this smart tip from Crafts Unleashed, you'll never misplace your glass at your next dinner party. Use tiles to create charms for your wine glasses to help your guest keep track of their drinks. Feel free to use as little or as many as you need for your party guests.

Image via Crafts Unleashed

6. Wall art
Make a big and bold statement by using your tiles to create wall art. Use a collection of letter tiles to spell your inspirational quotation, using glue to join the tiles together.

Image via RetroLovePhotography on Etsy

7. Labels
Use Scrabble tiles as a fun and smart way to label items in your cupboards. If you're a parent of a young child, this could be a great way to help your child practice reading and spelling items around the house.

Image via Hostess with the Mostest

8. Tile art
For the extremely creative types, you could even use your tiles to create monumental works of art. Below are a few examples by Clare Graham and Nathan Jongewaard to use an inspiration.

Image via Nathan Jongewaard
Image via Clare Graham

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