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Upcycled: 13 Alternative Christmas Trees

Traditionalists may wince at the thought of venturing away from a real evergreen or even an artificial tree, but there are people who like to stand out, be different, and make a statement. Preparing for the holiday tree trimming means pulling your holiday decorations out of storage and “decking the halls”. But why not try to incorporate some new ideas into your decorating plan by trying one of these ideas for alternative Christmas trees. These creative ideas are easy to DIY and upcycle items you may already have around your home as well as save some of the space a traditional tree would require.

  1. A Naked Tree
    This idea has stripped the “bones” of the tree to its greenery and used branches that are stacked and spaced on a wall to create a wall tree. Just add lights and some festive ornaments and you have a beautiful alternative Christmas tree.
  2. Bibliophile Tree
    Via Family Sponge
    Clear your bookshleves or take your books out of storage to create a pile of books shaped like a tree. Again, add lights and some well-placed holiday knick knacks along with garland and you have a tree your book club will swoon over.
  3. Mimimalist Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_branches and bottles
    Via Apartment Therapy
    A sweet way to decorate when you just don’t have the space. Not to mention, it is inexpensive as you can probably find branches for free on a walk in the park or your yard. Be sure to that your vase or bottle makes a nice statement.
  4. Chalk It Up Tree
    Via HGTV
    Sidewalk chalk and butcher paper or a classroom size chalkboard makea for an easy DIY alternative Christmas tree. Decorate with fun garland and place gifts below for a lovely holiday scene that uses almost no space.
  5. Bespoke Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_dress form
    Via Flickr: Fashionable Notes
    A great example of using what is around to create a festive environment, this dress form makes great a alternative Christmas tree. You can fashion your tree to your style.
  6. An Eggs-ellent Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_egg carton
    Via Green Moxie
    If you happen to collect enough empty egg cartons, upcycle them for a “green” tree. The more cartons you collect, the bigger you can make your tree.
  7. Elevate Your Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_ladder alternative_christmas_trees_ladder2
    Via Country and Victorian Times and Via The Whoot
    Bring your old ladder out of storage and upcycle it as an alternative Christmas tree. It provides the perfect shape when open. There are so many options when using a ladder from hanging ornaments down the center to creating a holiday shelving tree.
  8. Drummer Boy Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_musical drummer boy
    Via Apartment Therapy
    Construct your musical instruments into an alternative Christmas tree. Whether for a themed holiday decoration or trying to get some use out of an old drumset that is rarely used anymore, this idea will set the stage for a rockin’ holiday season.
  9. Rustic Pallet Tree
    Via Trend Hunter
    The perfect way to create a rustic atmosphere for the holiday is to spice up your decor is to use a pallet to create analternative Christmas tree display. Not all pallets are created equal, so choose the right pallet that is safe to use.
  10. PVC Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_pvc pipe
    Via Martha Stewart
    This tree is no pipe dream. You make the tree whatever you want it to be. Depending on your chosen color pallet, it could be bright and happy, vintage, floral, traditional or anything else. With so many spts for your ornaments and knick knacks, there is so much fun to be had with this idea.
  11. Shelf-made Tree
    Via Apartment Therapy
    A bookshelf styled as a tree makes for an interesting illusion. Carefully placed items similar in color, from books to suitcases to vases, help to create the illusion.
  12. Not a Wallflower Tree
    alternative_christmas_trees_wall tree
    Simply using a string or two of lights to create a tree shape is festive, dramatic, and spacesaving. Add unique garland strands to complete this alternative Christmas tree look. Place gifts below this tree awaiting their time to shine upon opening.
  13. A Tree Uncorked
    alternative_christmas_trees_wine corks
    Via Green Moxie
    Smaller sized cork trees are appropriate for a mantle or centerpiece, while larger cork trees could be placed atop a side table in a small apartment. After all, that sidetable is already taking up floor space. Use the table to disply the tree and place gifts on the floor below.

Do you have any favorite alternative Christmas trees?

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