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Urban Gardening: 10 Craziest Containers to Grow Vegetables In

Did you know you don't need a yard to grow many of the most common vegetables? All veggies like carrots, beets, and lettuce need is a container, soil, water, and a sunlit window to grow. If you live in the city, get with the urban gardening trend and recycle your containers as mini gardens for veggies, herbs and colourful flowers.

10.  Watering Cans
A water can planter can give your plants some vital H2O and make a nice container for herbs too!
Plants growing in a watering can

9.  Colander
The holes in colanders are great for drainage. If you use a decorative or brass colander to make a herb planter, you could garnish your food at the table!
A colander with flowers growing inside

8. Shoes
Upcycle your worn out but favorite pair of shoes by creating a shoe planter.
Two succulents growing in a high heeled shoe

7. Bread Pan
Nailed the Paleo Coconut bread you saw on Pinterest?  Try this fail-safe way to grow a herb garden while upcycling your bread pan.
Aloe vera growing inside of a bread pan

6. Tin Cans
These decorated tin can planters are a great way to brighten up your home and add some flavor to your next meal.
Painted coffee tin planters mounted on a wall

5. Newspaper
Have some old newspaper lying around? Turn it into a handy little container to hold some herbs and plants!
Newspaper rolled into cups with dirt inside of them

4. Spice Racks
Have a stockpile of spices that have been around since before you can remember? Might be time to toss those containers and create a living spice rack instead.
Spice racks filled with peat and growing air plants

3. Toilet Paper Rolls
Upcycle your toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls, for the less squeamish) to make mini planters to your herb garden.
Toilet paper tubes with the bottoms folded over and plants inside

2. Chinese food takeout cartons
After enjoying take-out Chinese restaurant, clean out your containers as a creative idea for starter plants and herbs.
Paper take out containers with various herbs growing in them

1. A car
Although, it may not be the most practical use of a car, but it is the most eco-friendly.
A red tiger striped car with plants growing inside of it

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