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7 Ideas to Get You Hooked on Organization

7 ideas to get you hooked on organization

Adhesive hooks just may be the best thing ever invented. Apart from being a renter's favorite tool for resolving the battle of whether to decorate or save walls from deposit-reducing damage, they are fantastic for organization. Whether used on their own or in combination with other unconventional items, they can play a key role in organizing problem areas in your home. We have 7 "why didn't I think of that" ideas that will get you hooked on organization.

Inspiration for Cleaning and Organizing the Refrigerator

Clean out the fridge cover image

The average household wastes $600 a year throwing away spoiled food according to Good Housekeeping. How many times have you found a container at the back of the refrigerator and the contents have morphed into something unrecognizable, furry, and inedible? How about the vegetables at the bottom of the drawer that have become soft and slimy because they, too, were forgotten Clean Out the Refrigerator Day is November 15 and these ideas will inspire you to organize your refrigerator resulting in more space, easy access, and fewer unintentional science experiments.

Pet Costumes to Put in Storage for Future Halloweens

16 Pet Costumes to Store (1)

There are two types of people in this world: those who appreciate a nicely dressed pet and those who don't. Admittedly pet costumes are not for everyone, or every pet. But, no matter where you stand on the topic, sometimes you just cannot deny the cuteness factor of an angelic vampire cat face staring back at you or the paradoxical humor in putting a big, tough-looking dog in an adorable outfit. Some costumes fit the look and personality of the pet so well that they are worth keeping around for future Halloweens.

Pegging Home Storage Solutions

Pegging Home Storage_ 10 Ways to solve problems with Pegboard

Pegboards seem to be popping up all over the internet these days. There is a reason there is a pegboard revival happening. Traditionally used in garages or workshops to organize tools, it is their versatility that has helped them make their way inside the home as storage and organization systems in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, craft rooms, closets, and bedrooms. With tools and supplies in view, and everything within fingertip reach, it's no wonder that this organization workhorse has stood the test of time. It allows you to maximize and multiply your storage in a cost-effective way. We've pegged 10 ideas to inspire you to incorporate pegboard use in your home organization.

Home Staging Tips: The 4 D’s

Staging Blog Feature Picture

There's no doubt about it. Putting your home on the market can be extremely stressful. In many cases it is the biggest investment you have made in your life and you want to be sure to get through the process quickly and having made some money. Staging your home properly can help you sell your home faster and, in some cases, at a higher price. There are many tips and tricks out there on how best to stage your home. We've consolidated some of these ideas into the four D's of staging your home to help guide you through the process of attracting potential buyers.

Measuring Up: 7 Crafty Ways to Add Rulers & Yardsticks to Home Décor


Yardsticks and rulers aren't just for measuring nowadays. Old-fashioned rulers and yardsticks instantly give a stylish, vintage look to a room incorporating a sense of nostalgia into assorted pieces of home décor. The more distressed or antique-looking they are the better. These 7 ideas provide immeasurable opportunities to produce unique and functional storage and organization solutions as well as infuse style into a room's décor.

Upcycled: DIY Paper Towel Holder Ideas

Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Dessert Display

One of the most under-appreciated kitchen counter items is your paper towel holder. It's true. It stands on the counter or is hidden away until called upon for action after a spill or some other kitchen cleanup. This kitchen fixture is very versatile and has many uses outside the kitchen with a little creativity and thinking outside the box. Speaking of outside the box, we're unrolling a few ideas on ways to create your own holder from upcycled items that might be lying around your house.

4 DIY Weekend Basement Storage Projects

Basement Storage_ Shelves and Color Coded Bins

Tired of looking at the clutter in your basement? Continually picking up games, toys, and sports equipment? How about not being able to find the holiday decorations because they are buried under luggage and other things in your basement? Here are four do-it-yourself basement storage ideas that are easy enough to accomplish in a weekend or less.

How to Organize Your New Kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen

Moving into a new place is always exciting, but putting everything away in your new place can cause some consternation particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Organizing the kitchen is usually a top priority. It is the center of the home after all! When it comes to unpacking after a move or a kitchen remodel, organizing all of your kitchen items in a way that is efficient and productive is important. Here are a few tips and tasks for organizing your new kitchen.

Hidden Home Storage Solutions

Hidden Stair Storage

Maybe you're a minimalist or maybe you just need additional options for storage. Either way, here is a compilation of a few interesting, hidden ways to organize your home and keep it looking clean while storing and keeping accessible the everyday items you use.

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