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A Jetsetter's Guide to Suitcase Packing

You've finally picked your perfect destination (sunny beaches, snowy mountains, lakeside resort, etc.) and have your tickets ready to go. But you just need to do one important thing – pack! How will you fit all of your clothes, shoes, and toiletries without being forced to pay excess baggage fees? We've got tips and techniques to help you most efficiently pack a standard size suitcase and maximize room.

A Patriotic Guide to American Flag Storage

Independence Day is almost here! Everyone knows a 4th of July celebration is not complete without a barbeque, fireworks, and of course, Old Glory prominently displayed. While American flag etiquette, like never letting the flag touch the ground, is widely understood, other details like how to properly display and store your flag are lesser known. As this fun and special holiday approaches, we've gathered some patriotic tips to help you display, store, and clean your flag so that it's preserved for years to come. Happy Birthday, America!

16 Songs to Clean Your Home to

To help get you into cleaning & organizing mode, we put together a genre-spanning, decade-spanning Spotify playlist of songs about cleaning, organizing, and the home. Whether you're washing up your kitchen or finally addressing that clutter in your basement, this mix of motivating, relaxing and fun songs will energize you to start your chores.

8 Rad Things from the 80s You Should Put in Storage

Ah, the 80s. Looking back on those years might conjure memories of neon leg warmers, Madonna, a nationwide aerobics obsession and some "totally rad" hair dos you wish you could forget about. But there are plenty of things from the 80s you shouldn't forget. In fact, you should put your awesome 80s stuff in storage so you and future generations can relive a little part of the 80s for years to come. Here's our list of 8 iconic 80s items you should save in storage.

Moving to Miami, Part II: Neighborhood Guide

From the Art Deco allure of South Beach to the tranquility of Surfside, Miami has something for everyone. Whether you’re a recent college graduate looking for a place to live or a family relocating to the area, zeroing in on the right Miami neighborhood is easier when you understand the basic characteristics of the most popular options. There’s no question that life in Miami is great, but some neighborhoods are better suited to growing families while others are seemingly designed for the young, hip and single. Even after pinpointing a specific neighborhood on which to focus your search, you’ll still want to dig deeper to ensure that your new home is within a convenient distance of the services and amenities that you need the most.

Help the Environment By Repurposing Storage Containers

Like many people, you probably try to reduce, reuse and recycle as many things as possible. If your community offers curbside recycling, it’s tempting to just throw things away and still feel good knowing that they’ll be recycled. What would be even better for the environment is to reuse. There are plenty of surprising ways to do so, and many containers can be repurposed with a minimal amount of effort. Don't believe us? Read on for some of our favorite examples.

5 Creative Places to Store an Engagement Ring

You know it's wedding season when your weekends are filled with travel arrangements and your fridge is covered in The Save-the-Dates. If you think all the preparation to get to a wedding is stressful, think about the nerve-racking period of time the groom endures between buying a ring and patiently waiting for the right time and place to pop the question.

8 Innovative Ideas for Upcycling Wine Bottles

‘Tis the season for graduation parties, weddings, showers, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings. If you've hosted any of these get-togethers, you've probably been left with a large amount of empty bottles and cans spilling out of your recycling bins. Of course, recycling is always a smart idea, but upcycling is even smarter. You can easily turn wine bottles that won't fit into the recycling bin into gorgeous indoor and outdoor décor for your home. With these 8 innovative ways to reuse wine bottles, the guests at your next barbecue or house party will be impressed by your eco-friendly style.

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