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4 Amazing Attic Treasures

Attic Storage Treasures_Milanese Cabassett

Oftentimes, treasures saved from childhood or family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations end up collecting dust as the years go by. Paintings, toys, jewelry, and other mementos could be treasure hidden under your roof.

Making Room for Baby in a Small Space


When you bring your baby home from the hospital, you may go into panic mode thinking that your space is just too tiny for everything that comes with your bundle of joy. However, with a little creativity and organizing, you can all survive comfortably in your small home. You can make use of a few of the following tips and turn your small space into a great place to raise your family.

Tips for Long-Term Car Storage


Whether you are leaving town for an extended business trip or own a car that you only drive in the summer, there are many reasons that you may occasionally need to store a car for a long period of time. Car storage requires more than simply covering and leaving it in a driveway or garage. Preparing your car correctly for long-term storage will prevent common issues such as ruined tires and damaged parts. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your car for a season in your CubeSmart cube.

Big Tips for Small Space Living

Shelves_vertical storage_Small space living

Is your home short on square footage? The bigger the city, the smaller the square footage seems to be. This can be challenging and downright claustrophobic at times. It doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed in a cramped space because no matter how big or small, you fill the space you live in. These tips will help you get creative with small space living, where every inch is an opportunity.

Weird Things to Collect

WEirdest Things People Collect_Belly Button Fluff

According to Psychology Today, "collecting is primordial; it's who we are." Investment, memory keepsakes, socializing, and research are all motivations for collecting items. Some collections reveal changes over time and share information about the world at the time it was created. Other collections appeal to a wide audience and can be quite valuable and prized. Some items are just weird things to collect.

Smart Tips for Packing for a Backpacking Trip

packing tips for backpacking trip

Shirts and blouses, underwear and socks, pants and shorts, sweaters, scarves, shoes, toiletries and personal items, travel documents, electronics, and more all need to fit in a pack that you carry on your back. It sounds like a lot already without itemizing everything you will want to take. How on earth do you pack everything you need so that it fits in your backpack? What are the necessities and what should you leave in storage? Packing smart for a European adventure takes planning, a bit of confidence, and a bit of creativity.

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