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7 Home Organization Sites to Help You De-Clutter

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If clutter makes you crazy and your garage makes you want to shut the door, it's time to get organized. Fortunately, there are plenty of organization enthusiasts who are ready to help out by sharing their best decluttering tips. These experts have tips for every family member and every room in the house. Take a look at these websites and get ready to get organized.

1. I’m an Organizing Junkie

There are people who like organizing, and there are people like Laura Wittmann of I’m an Organizing Junkie, who see it as a way of life. As a mother of three, Laura has turned her job as a mom into a full-time passion. The self-described organization freak wrote the book Clutter Rehab in 2010, and she shares a wealth of expertise on her blog, which features storage ideas for every room in the home. There are plenty of tips on how to declutter your bedroom, keep kids' rooms tidy, organize the bathroom, and so much more. There are also 20-minute home organization projects and a popular 52-week organization challenge.

2. The Happier Homemaker

Harness the power of the do-it-yourself movement to create a happier, more organized home. Melissa Riker at The Happier Homemaker is a mother of three, a crafter, and a chronic organizer. Her blog features lots of crafty tips to declutter your home and kid-friendly organization projects, all with a fun DIY aspect. Melissa's simple strategies make it easy to transform any room with storage systems and organization tools that are perfect for the whole family.

3. Saving The Family Money

Karen of Saving the Family Money is a full-time blogger and work-from-home mom focused on saving her family money and keeping her house organized. She shares tons of decluttering tips for moving in her Simply Organized article series; for example, discover the steps for holding a yard sale and how to clean odd household areas. Karen knows what it takes to clear clutter and save money, and she'll tell you all of her secrets.

4. Home Storage Solutions 101

Taylor of Home Storage Solutions 101 is an expert who shares all her home organization tips online. Her site is packed with resources, including e-books, pamphlets, and checklists for decluttering your home. If you're the type who thinks, "How can I let go of my clutter?," you'll be interested in her tips on attic organization, including categorizing items, making inventory charts, and creating storage zones—so you can keep as much as possible. Plus, there are weekly organization challenges to keep you on the right track.

5. Tidy Mom

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it has to be organized. At least, that's what one mommy blogger thinks: Cheryl is the professional blogger and domestic mastermind behind Tidy Mom, a blog dedicated to easy recipes, home organization, and household challenges. Follow her smart kitchen organization tips to maximize space and minimize clutter in cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator.

6. Organizing L.A.

John Trosko is a professional organizer and a regular on the pages of Glamour, the L.A. Times, and a long list of design and lifestyle publications, but you can also find him on his blog Organizing L.A. John is the undisputed celebrity organization king of Los Angeles. He organized the Spelling's 17,000-square-foot attic in Holmby Hills and has posted an endless series of organization tips on his blog. Pick up wardrobe decluttering tips for tiny cubbies and larger walk-in varieties. Plus, John has plenty of L.A.-approved office organization tips that banish clutter and enhance productivity.

7. CubeSmart.com

You didn't think we'd leave our own blog out, did you? We've got tons of tips to declutter your life, from organization and cleaning to design inspo and DIY projects. Learn how to make the most of small spaces, get innovative storage ideas, and more. You don't have to hire a helping hand to do a garage makeover or to put those toys where they belong. You'll be hanging pegboard tool racks, stacking storage boxes, and packing away seasonal items like a pro before you know it.

Whether you need tips to declutter before moving or just need to get your life in order, these organization geniuses will show you how to tame problem areas and avoid traps that lead to clutter and confusion. Browse through area-specific posts, or follow an extended challenge to transform your home and reach organization nirvana. You'll never look at your home the same way.

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