How to Make Your Home the Perfect Space for One

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Written by Lily Rogers

Living alone is full of enviable perks, and we think that's worth celebrating. Other than having free reign of the place—watching, cooking, and listening to whatever you want, whenever you want—there's much to enjoy about single living. And, with a little thought and attention, it's easy to turn up the awesome levels on your solo space and enhance what makes being a free agent so good.

Leave Valentine's Day to the future broken hearted. February 15 is Singles Awareness Day and what better way to spend it than basking in comfort? Here are some of our favorite ways to make sure your home is looking out for No. 1—you.

Optimize your comfort zones

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If you're like us, you spend the majority of home time in your bedroom. That's why this space deserves all the attention you can devote to it. To start, invest in a good bed—it's worth it! Also, you can fill your bed with pillows if that's how you roll, but it's best for your sleep and your neck if there's just one (a good one) under your head at night.

Work on a lighting plan—if you love to sleep in total darkness, get blackout curtains. If you're light-sensitive, use lamps that diffuse light and create a warm glow. If natural light boosts your mood, buy muslin curtains that let light in while offering privacy. 

Invest in a good set of fluffy towels and make bath or shower time as good as a trip to the spa with aroma therapy and bath bombs. Wrap yourself in a comfy robe for maximum self-care. 

Did you know there's an optimal distance from which to view TV? A good general rule is 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement, with about a 30-degree viewing angle. So, keep these measurements in mind as you arrange your living room.

Make room for your hobbies

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Another advantage of living alone is that you can keep art projects out, learn to cook properly, refurbish furniture, or undertake any number of other projects right in your apartment without bothering anyone. You should try to stay as organized as possible for your own sanity, however. It's important to have spaces for things, including yourself!

How to make space for your hobbies:
  • Designate a work zone, even if it's a corner of your room. If cooking is your passion, make sure your kitchen counters are clear from clutter to give you enough space to experiment. Portable racks, wall shelves, and drawer organizers keep things shipshape.
  • If your hobby involves a desk and chair, make sure the chair is comfortable yet supportive and the desk is large enough to suit your craft.
  • Set yourself up with adequate light. Poor lighting can negatively affect final outcomes and causes headaches, too.
  • Find the right storage containers and shelves to stay organized. Have different sized containers on hand, including ones with dividers, and make sure everything you need is easy to find and access.

Make décor all about you!

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Paint an accent wall a crazy color or commission an interior mural of your favorite things—statement pieces are great ways to make a home uniquely yours. From textiles to patterns, anything goes, as long as it makes you feel good. If you're a renter, look into temporary wallpaper in a pattern that speaks to you. Just make sure your house reflects your personality in some way—whether it's through big design moments, smaller details, or both.

Turn your interests into art and show off the things you love. Travel, film, food, friends, literature, TV, comic books—whatever you're into, put it on display in some way. From framed posters to artfully displayed figures, design with what you like!

You are priority No. 1, but keep guests in mind

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Make room for guests at the kitchen table with an extra chair or two and keep an array of easy-to-share snacks and beverages. Make sure guests can get comfy in the spaces where you enjoy hanging out. If you have a spare room, consider a small pull-out or keep a good inflatable in storage with guest-specific sheets and pillows.

A nice set of dishes makes it easier to host meals. Mix-and-match vintage dishes for a unique look or go the modern route with a new uniform set. The right dishes and flatware can really help a table come together.

Keep spare toiletries like a toothbrush and travel size soaps on hand and leave fresh flowers and magazines by the guest bed or on the coffee table. Thoughtful details like these help make any guest feel welcome—from family to friends.

Create a music center

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Whether you go old-school with a turntable and records or invest in a good Bluetooth speaker, set up a space where you can turn on some good music and have a dance party. One of the best things about living alone is cranking up the music and singing along however loud you like.

If you play an instrument, make it part of your décor with a wall mount or music shelf. When your instrument is in eyesight, it's easier to be inspired to pick it up and play.

Stay tidy and organized

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Some people thrive in chaos, but chilling at home is way more relaxing in a serene setting. No piles of dishes or laundry, dust-bunny-free floors, and neatly arranged surfaces go a long way to make a space inviting.

It's easier than you think to stay tidy when there is a proper place for all your things. Catch-all trays keep things like phones, keys, wallets, and sunglasses from getting lost in random spots. Mail and file sorters are incredibly useful for organizing bills and documents, and drawer dividers keep things neat.

Kick clutter out of your relaxing spaces but keep enough items in play that offer personality and function. A few throw blankets add coziness to your bed or couch, books on your nightstand or a wine rack on a shelf keep relaxation activities top of mind, and hobby items like cameras or paint brushes in a decorative jar look great on display shelves.

If you're feeling cluttered, clear room by putting some things in storage. After all, you don't need access to your ski equipment year-round, but you do need space to relax. Find the right storage size that works for you with our guide.

You don't have to be anti-Valentine to embrace self-love. If you want to know how to celebrate Singles Awareness Day the best way possible, focus on home. The single life is even sweeter when you love your living space.

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Lily Rogers

Lily is a writer, editor, and content strategist. Her curiosity spans genre, from travel to pop culture to food, and she writes about all that and more. She's also a social introvert, literature nerd, and (slight) hoarder. When not in pursuit of her next adventure, she's most likely at home with her wife and two cats.

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