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Inside the Bubbles of Anthony Silva-Lopera

Anthony Silva-Lopera
This is one of a series of stories we are sharing to show what’s inside CubeSmart. You not only get a peek inside our customer’s storage unit, but also a peek inside what is important to them. Thank you to Anthony Silva-Lopera, a customer of our CubeSmart store in Linden, NJ, for sharing his story with us.

Anthony Silva-Lopera has been a customer at CubeSmart on East Linden Avenue in Linden, NJ since before it was CubeSmart. All told, he has stored his wares at this location for more than 30 years.

"It had another name, but now it is better. For me this is the best location, it's right in between all my stops."

Anthony distributes carbon dioxide tanks for soda systems at area bars, restaurants and nightclubs. This work requires him to visit his storage unit multiple times daily and often on Saturdays to check on his inventory. He drives some 30 to 50 miles a week. Despite the grueling pace, he has no intentions of retiring anytime soon. He enjoys the camaraderie with his clients.

"If I stop working, I will want to kill myself. I want to keep working for as long as I can."

Anthony has been working in this role since he came to the United States four decades ago. He was married for most of that time but recently divorced. He and his wife have two children, a son who is 36 and a daughter who is 27 and lives in his native Columbia. He supports his daughter financially and visits when he can but has no intention of moving back there.

"I've been here for a long time and most of my friends are here. I don't know many people there anymore. Sometimes I go to Florida, where I have a property and check on my house. When I'm here in New Jersey I get together with my friends, we have meals and listen to music together."

Anthony doesn't drink. As for his product, Anthony doesn’t indulge in that, either. "I've seen how people make soda all these years, and what they put into it. Most people don't know, but I do and I won't put that in my body. I'll stick to seltzer water."

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