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CubeSmart's Mobile App: Manage your account anytime and anywhere

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Introducing the CubeSmart Mobile App! The app gives you the ability to conveniently manage the details of your self-storage account from wherever you are. No need to worry about closed offices, forgotten bills, or misplaced codes. We give you easy access to your account anytime and anywhere.

Self Storage that Puts You in Control

Smart Phones. Smart vacuums. Smart thermostats. At this point, we're used to putting control of pretty much anything in the palms of our hands. And self storage is no exception. With the CubeSmart Mobile App, you can maintain a close connection to your belongings through a single seamless location to manage your storage needs.

With the app in hand, you can:

  • Access your personal gate code
  • Pay your monthly rent
  • Set up AutoPay
  • Check account balances and payment history
  • Check store hours and notices
  • Manage your settings and passwords
  • Reserve and rent new or additional storage units if your needs change

Easy to manage. Anytime. Anywhere.

Organize your information, set your preferences, and control your overall experience. We give you easy access so you can lock in peace of mind and unlock more freedom.

What our customers saying:

"It takes the burden off of remembering my access code or scouring my inbox for documents and information."

"If I’m out of town or working, I still can have the access that I might need for taking care of my account."

"It has everything accessible in one place. And easy to make a payment."

How to register for the CubeSmart Mobile App

It's easy to register for the app. After you've downloaded the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play:

  1. open the app and click register account
  2. enter the email address you used when you rented your storage unit
  3. enter your account number – you can call our customer service team if you need help finding your account number
  4. choose a password and confirm
  5. enter your mobile phone number to receive a verification number
  6. enter the code into the app
  7. click "allow notifications" or "not now"

The home screen to your account will then appear.

Download now!

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