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Utilize Your Wall Space with Décor Items & Storage Tricks

Small homes — and large ones, too — often demand creative storage and décor solutions. Whether you’re furnishing your bedroom, craft room, kitchen, home office, or garage, you might sacrifice valuable real estate if you neglect the walls. The creative use of wall space, whether through DIY shelving or a small space gallery wall, can provide ample storage and décor options for your home.

Build Unique Wall Shelving

utilizing your wall space

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Sometimes wall space décor starts with the shelving itself. If you find a creative way to use the space, you can create dimension and even art with lumber from the hardware store. Add books, knickknacks, and other decorative and functional items to the wall shelving, or add cabinet fronts to conceal less attractive belongings.

Use interesting designs if you want to give the space more impact. For instance, instead of just straight shelves, consider mounting shelves at varying levels and using them as picture ledges. You could also insert dividers at regular intervals to break up the piece and provide more decorating flexibility.

Get More Use From DIY Wall Shelves with Baskets and Boxes

You don’t have to choose between open and closed shelving. Attractive baskets and boxes allow you to hide away the items you don’t want your guests to see, but you can leave space between them for decorative items. For instance, you might line the bottom of a shelving unit with wicker baskets to hold shoes, DVDs, toys, or anything else you want to conceal, and then use the upper shelves for displaying your favorite collectibles.

If you don’t want to splurge on baskets at the store, learn how to make your own. In most cases, you don’t need expensive materials or high-end basket-weaving skills to complete this project. For instance, you might cut a cardboard box down to size, then super-glue rope around the box until it covers the cardboard. You’ll have an instant basket that adds texture and visual interest to the space.

Embrace Wall Racks and Hooks

You’ll get more use out of your wall space if you find creative uses for wall racks and hooks. Pegboard, for instance, can find a place inside the home as well as in the garage. Paint it a bright color, cut it to size, and use it for hanging up kitchen utensils, craft supplies, and bathroom toiletries. For a more industrial look, go with wire wall racks. Use S-hooks to hang items that you use every day. You’ll keep them close at hand, but you won’t have to consume valuable floor, drawer, or cabinet space.

You can also use wall racks and hooks to display décor. Try screwing several unique cabinet knobs into a strip of stained wood. Hang artwork from each of the knobs, and hang the entire piece as a focal point in your living space. You could also hang small collectibles, such as beer steins or costume jewelry, from hooks or racks.

Repurpose Containers for the Wall

Containers like apple crates, baskets, drawers, and trays don’t have to sit on the floor or on furniture. Instead, turn them around and mount them to the wall. You can use them for storage or décor purposes and add dimension to your home. A collection of vintage baskets, for instance, could become an instant small-space gallery wall that can also hold other collectibles.

You’ll find old, inexpensive containers in numerous places, from flea markets to antique stores. If you don’t like the rough look, you can paint or stain them in any color you like. Alternatively, use wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or similar materials to decoupage unique designs on boxes, drawers, and other containers. They’ll become completely unique pieces.

Use a Ladder to Get More Height

Many homeowners and renters resist the urge to use their full wall heights because they can’t reach the top shelf or rack. A ladder can resolve that problem and increase your storage and décor space considerably. Ladders made from copper, iron, or similarly strong metals work especially well in the home. You can even install a track along the wall so the ladder can slide from one side to the other without hurting your floors.

Use the Space on Top of Furniture

Many shelving units and cabinetry sit well below the ceiling. If you leave these areas bare, you’re missing a prime storage and display opportunity. On top of your kitchen cabinets, for instance, you could display your prized collection of cookie jars or a string of framed family photographs. The same goes for bookshelves and armoires. You can make the items you store there blend in with pretty containers.

Regardless of your storage needs, wall space offers a convenient way to display your favorite items and to keep utensils and other gadgets handy. Instead of taking up valuable floor real estate, work your way up.

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