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Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Like a Pro

Believe it or not, spring is almost here and the yearly ritual of a spring cleaning & organization is on the horizon. This year, we don't want to just help you clean up better, we want to help you clean like a professional. From helpful, affordable robots (yes, we said robots!) to innovative, space-saving cleaning products, we've compiled a list of the most innovative cleaning and organizing tools out there. Invest in these, and you'll get the house clean more efficiently. Because after the winter we've had, you deserve to spend as much time out of the house and in the sun that you can.


Cleaning windows can be a breeze with help from the Winbot, a futuristic-styled window washer. This smart little robot sticks on glass using two suction rings. It cleans as it moves, squeegeeing with its front pad and drying with its rear pad. It automatically measures the area of each window and moves in a zig-zag pattern to make sure that every inch is clean. Now that's smart!


The Quickie Spill Collector is no ordinary dustpan. In fact, this clever cleaner has a squeegee to help you clean up messy spills and a steep ridge to keep them in place while you are cleaning. Once you've cleaned up a mess, snap the lid in place to create a seal for easy, space-saving storage.


Put some power behind your scouring with this mighty and multi-functional cleaning tool from Rubbermaid. The Reveal Power Scrubber has three different styled heads to help you clean everything in your home. Use the Large Multi-Purpose heads for cleaning sinks and stoves, the Reveal Multi-Purpose head for fixtures and corners, and the Reveal Grout for corners and tiles. With this tool's cleaning power, you'll be ready to take on the messiest of messes.


The unofficial start of grilling season is just around the corner. The Grillbot can help you get ready once you've taken your grill out of your CubeSmart cube for winter storage. Brass and stainless steel brushes on its underside will rotate in a mathematical sequence to scrub every nook and cranny of your grill to get it clean. Just flip your Grillbot upside down, select a 5- or 7- minute cycle and close the grill lid. In just a few minutes, you'll be ready for a long season of grilling.


Sort and clean your winter clothing with ease with this smart sorting tool from MB Nice. This Sort-a-Neat Laundry Basket slides into any standard size laundry basket and has built-in dividers to help you easily separate white, dark, and colored clothing. When you are finished washing and drying, use it to separate socks, sweaters, and jeans to make it even easier to pack and store your cold-weather gear until fall.


Cleaning your floors is made easier with the Sweep-Easy, a multi-functional tool that helps you scrub floors using a number of handy attachments. Use a telescopic scraper for stuck-on messes, a scuff buffer to erase pesky shoe marks, and the microfiber duster for everyday cleaning. Not only will this tool save you storage space by replacing multiple tools and cleaners, you'll spend less time on cleaning.


When you pull patio furniture and playsets out of storage, power clean them quickly and efficiently with The Outdoor Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner by Windex:

  1. Attach your hose to the bottle.
  2. Spray patio furniture, swing sets, and any other outdoor items.
  3. Rinse down the objects with water after letting the solution soak in for 15 seconds.

Just like that, your outdoor furniture is ready for spring.

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