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What Does Your Favorite T.V. Housekeeper Say About Your Cleaning Style?

Spring is here, and we all know what that means – spring cleaning is upon us. But this year, we urge you to spice it up by spring cleaning like your favorite TV housekeeper! Which one matches your personality? Read below to find out!

Alice, The Brady Bunch
Spring Cleaning Personality_Alice_Brady Bunch
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The always lovable and loyal Alice is not only an employee and friend of the Brady family, but she also plays an integral part in keeping the family together and sane. Best known for her positivity and dry humor, Alice is the go-to person in the family.

Alice's Top Spring Cleaning Tip: Keep things tidy. Storage bins, caddies, and organizational units are just a few ways to keep any room uncluttered. Once the major clean-threw has taken place, go back through room by room and think of the different, customizable ways to store and display items while keeping the room looking neat.

Tony Micelli, Who's The Boss
Easy-going and spontaneous, it is hard not to feel at ease in Tony's presence. Despite hard circumstances, including the loss of his first love: baseball, Tony is determined to provide the best life for not only himself and his daughter but for the Bower family.

Tony's Top Spring Cleaning Tip: You're the boss! No matter how big your house or pile of mess may be, you are the boss and can tackle anything! Instead of viewing spring cleaning as the cleansing of your ENTIRE house (summer houses and yachts apply too) – compartmentalize and prioritize. Try cleaning one room a weekend instead of putting pressure to clean your entire house in one weekend.

Geoffrey, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Geoffrey_Spring Cleaning Personality
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Dealt with a hard yet interesting life, Geoffrey's role in the Bank's family extends past his status as butler. Sarcastic, cynical, and proper in nature, Geoffrey also has a secret funny side that he shows only to those closest to him.

Geoffrey's Top Spring Cleaning Tip: Formulate a plan to help with the spring cleaning process. If you have a tendency to become overwhelmed very easily, writing down a plan will help for a smooth sailing process. Remember if things don't go according to plan, don't throw in the towel, just rework it.
This tip can also apply to those in unique moving situations. For instance, those knowing about an up-coming, out-of-state move or deployment can start this process well in advance.

Florence, The Jeffersons
Sassy, back-talking, wisecrack is the best way to describe The Jeffersons' maid Florence. While attempting to spend most of the day doing her job of cleaning, Florence often gets distracted with her sloth-like energy level. Despite having to be asked to do things many times, Florence is a beloved member of the family.

Florence's Top Spring Cleaning Tip: Slow and steady wins the race, but music helps! Rocking out to your favorite tunes will not only help speed up the sometimes long process of spring cleaning, but will also help put a little pep into your step. Plus, with the right groove, you will become more energized, thus becoming even more productive.

Rosario, Will and Grace
Spring Cleaning Personality_ Rosario_Will and Grace
The ever-serious Rosario quickly wins the heart of all through her dry humor, feistiness, and loyalty. Not much busts her buttons, as Rosario is as open-minded as she is strong-willed.

Rosario's Top Spring Cleaning Tip: While you feel as if you can clean your entire house yourself, it is not a sign of weakness if you reach out for help. Dividing and conquering will not only help make spring cleaning go faster, but the intense concentration and focus will help to make sure that every nook and cranny is cleaned.

Consuela, Family Guy
Sprign Cleaning Personality_Consuela_Family Guy
Image via Flickr by skyler817
Embodying the stereotypical Hispanic maid, Consuela often falls victim to the language barrier. Known for being both stubborn and bull-headed, Consuela is also hilarious, making her a well-needed member of the family.

Consuela's Top Spring Cleaning Tip: Lemon Pledge is your best friend! From dust to smudges, lemon pledge leaves most surfaces sparkling clean while also leaving a nice aroma.

We hope that spring cleaning will be a little more fun this year as you get into the spirit and impersonate your favorite TV housekeeper while following the above tips and tricks.

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