A Quick Guide to Business Storage

Storage units aren't just for people who are moving or who don't have enough space for all their holiday decorations. Although these are common ways to use self-storage, there's one key group who may not even know how much it can help them: business owners. Here are just some of the ways using self-storage for business can improve your bottom line.

office equipment in a storage unit

Use Storage for Business Inventory

While you may need to use your actual office space for administrative activities, assembling products, or various other tasks, a storage unit can act as an extension of your professional business space, like a garage or warehouse. Storage is useful for extra inventory or supplies that you may not have space for in your main office or facility. This is a cost-effective way to get the most out of your office space, while still having convenient access to your extra inventory. Make sure you consider whether you will need climate-controlled storage, and check out our retail inventory storage page for more details.

Store Supplies and Tools

Growing your business is an exciting time—but you may find yourself running out of office storage space. You want to make sure you have all the right equipment for new hires, but where do you keep those extra chairs and desks in the mean time? What about those meeting room chairs you may not need all the time? Instead of investing in a larger professional space, rent a storage unit! Another great example is contractor storage—get your tools out of your truck and into a convenient storage unit.

Self-storage is often more affordable than office space on a per-square-foot basis; plus, if you only need a little extra room, it may not be cost-effective to pay for a full relocation to a new business facility. Having more square footage can also enable you to take advantage of extra savings that may be available with a bulk order of various supplies. Go ahead, take advantage of that Costco sale—you'll have the space.

storage unit with shelves, desk and chair

Use Business Storage Space While Remodeling

Small business storage units are also great for temporary needs, such as remodeling. You may be thinking about remodeling your office space to make it more functional for your needs, to improve the style of your space for aesthetic reasons, or for some other unique purpose. With many remodeling projects, at least a portion of your office equipment, supplies, furnishings, and more will need to be temporarily relocated. If you put them in a storage unit, the remodeling crew can work more quickly, and they won't get in the way of employees, either. Using self-storage at this time helps to ensure continuity of operations for your business.

Take Advantage of Extra Perks

Business storage units often offer extra perks, especially at CubeSmart. Many of our facilities have free package receipt available, plus you can get your printing, copying, and faxing done. In our Superstores, you may find office amenities like free Wi-Fi, work stations, and fresh coffee. Need to get something from your storage unit quickly? We can even retrieve it for you and have it ready for pick up.

Small business owners can use storage for many different purposes. Storage for small businesses is great for both long-term and short-term needs, and there are different sizes and climate-controlled spaces available. With all these options, it's easy to lease a storage unit that fits your budget and meets your business storage needs.

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