What's smart for you?

CubeSmart's property management program provides extensive operational and managerial support to ensure your investment is well-managed. Find out how our team can improve the performance of your property.

Operational Excellence

Our service-oriented culture always puts customers first. As a result, organizations both inside and outside of the self-storage industry have repeatedly recognized CubeSmart’s commitment to excellence. Rest assured that your stores will be clean, well-maintained, and expertly managed. Feel confident knowing that our well-trained, friendly, professional store managers will continually exceed customer expectations. Take comfort in the fact that our district managers ensure your store is operating at peak efficiency. We know how critical the maintenance and presentation of your store are to your success, and we support your portfolio with ongoing assessments from CubeSmart’s Facility Services team. Whether we manage one store for you or thirty, our mission remains the same. We work alongside our partners to deliver well-maintained facilities. This requires us to take a proactive approach to recommending capital improvements, large repair projects, and management assistance as needed. We don’t just run your store smoothly. We run it impeccably.

Store Operations

Experienced divisional vice presidents and district managers oversee the operation of your store and take care of the daily needs of teammates. Daily problem-solving allows you to profit from your investment without the need for day-to-day involvement. Monthly property audits ensure your store looks great and has everything it needs to serve customers and keep occupancy high.

With national level vendor management, you gain tremendous negotiating power. Store managers handle local vendor relationships for you.

Expert lien sale execution helps clear out units with delinquent tenants without excessive legal action and maximizes sale proceeds. On-site audits confirm compliance with legal policies and procedures.

And, of course, industry-leading customer service keeps current customers happy and attracts new customers with peer-to-peer referrals and online reviews.

Facility Services

Facility services managers perform annual and ongoing site inspections to evaluate needs and make appropriate recommendations for your property. A prioritized capital budget is delivered to you prior to each calendar year for your review. Property improvements are carried out with your authorization and approval.

Our team collaborates with district managers and local teammates to challenge repair and maintenance issues that arise. We assist with the bid process, contracting, and vendor management. Our vendor program ensures qualified and insured vendors provide quality results.

Additionally, our expert team supports your property with:

  • Emergency response to unplanned emergencies and acts of nature.
  • Energy management services to help control costs, evaluate alternative energy solutions, and keep up with ever changing state and federal laws.
  • Guidance in understanding and resolving actions relating to energy audits and government reports.