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8 Staycation Ideas for the Best at Home Vacation

Written by Elliot Chalme

Although most people dream of taking a vacation, some don’t have the vacation time or money for an exotic trip. Fortunately, you can get some of the benefits without the high price tag by taking a staycation in or near your city. Regardless of where your staycation is, there are many great things you can find in any city.

Find a Bed-and-Breakfast nearby

Although hotels are nice, bed-and-breakfasts offer something a little different and romantic. If there is a B&B in your area, book a couple of nights. Although it’s nice to hole up, be sure to spend time with the owners and other guests. You will likely meet interesting people and learn more about your city and the travelers who come to visit. Act like a total tourist and take advantage of the host’s recommendations of things to do and see while you’re enjoying your staycation.

Check Out Your Local Theater

Chances are your city has a local theater. Regardless of where you live, create a weekend like you are headed to Broadway in Manhattan. Book a hotel near the theater and make dinner reservations. Buy tickets for the show and get dressed up for the event. You can plan your big night with friends or your partner. Although it might not be quite as glamorous as the bright lights and big city, it’s important to support the local arts; you will likely be surprised how much fun you have.

Clean House

Staycations are stereotypically relaxing weekends near home, and for some people the best use of the time is to make it a working holiday. Use your staycation to do some spring cleaning regardless of the season. Cancel all other plans and go through your home, making donate, storage, and throw-away piles. Declutter your home by investing in a storage unit to keep things you don’t often use but can’t bear to get rid of. Putting items in self storage will help when you clean your house from top to bottom, so at the end of your weekend, you will feel like you have a brand new home. While it might not be the most fun weekend, it will certainly be rewarding and worth it.

Bring Home the Spa

Staycation idea: turn your home into a spa

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Have a spa weekend at your home. Buy candles, oils, and bath salts to create a relaxing environment in your home. Buy new towels if your current ones are aging to complete the experience. Hop online and find a massage therapist who comes to your home to give you a massage in your living room. Infuse water with cucumbers or fresh fruits, and play relaxing music throughout your home. By recreating the spa experience at home, you save money and get to set all your own rules for your thoroughly relaxing experience.

Complete a City Bucket List

Spend a long weekend doing everything in your town you’ve never done. Google your town and see what websites or apps say to do in your city. Whether you staycation in DC or Miami, you will find many options. Try a highly-rated restaurant in your city that you’ve never tried. Visit monuments or parks you’ve meant to check out. When you’ve lived in a city for a while, it’s easy to get lazy about trying out new things. Become a tourist for a weekend and find out all the fun things you’ve been missing.

You don’t have to plan a huge adventure to get the benefits of a vacation. Plan a staycation instead and enjoy your weekend without worrying about the lines at the airport, missing connections, or budgeting for a big trip.

Head to a National Park

Whether you’re planning a staycation in Atlanta, Chicago, or in any other city, there is likely a national park within driving distance. Consider camping or renting a cabin in the park and planning a weekend of unplugging and enjoying the outdoors. Get hike recommendations for the area, and plan a weekend of enjoying all the nuances national parks have to offer.

Camp in Your Yard

If you have a yard, dust off the camping gear or borrow some from a friend. Set up a tent in the backyard and have a camping adventure at your own home. Tell ghost stories or even consider sleeping underneath the stars. If your city allows open flames, safely roast marshmallows and make s’mores over a fire. If you don’t have a yard, you can still have a camping adventure in your living room.

Unplug at Home

If you’re looking for rest and relaxation, consider just spending a weekend unplugged at home. Make a rule in your home that you’re not going to check emails, phones, tablets, or watch TV. Leave the mail in the mailbox, and store your electronics somewhere safe until Monday morning. Use the weekend to enjoy your family, play board games, go for walks, and read books. After the initial shock of being unplugged is gone, you will likely feel refreshed and empowered to be disconnected more often.

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